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World Heavyweight Champion Batista def. Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match to retain

Triple H and Batista walked through Hell at Vengeance, and neither has ever been the same since.

Hell in a Cell, which is already considered a device of disaster by many, became even deadlier at Vengeance when Triple H and Batista introduced numerous weapons to the match. A steel chain, sledgehammer, steel chair wrapped in barbed wire and the displaced steel ring steps all found their way into the ring. Each of these weapons, though just as legal as a wristlock inside Hell in a Cell, played a major role in bloodying both Superstars.

In the end, Batista somehow managed to get up from the Pedigree before the referee could count his shoulders to the mat for three. A shocked Triple H soon fell victim to a spinebuster on the steel ring steps, followed by a Batista Bomb. The fatigued World Heavyweight Champion then fell atop The Game while the ref counted to three.

After a grueling encounter, Batista was able to hold on to the World Heavyweight Championship and hand Triple H his first loss inside Hell in a Cell.

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