Punk possibly unable to compete?

Punk possibly unable to compete?

CLEVELAND -- After a calculated group attack by Randy Orton and a gang of multi-generation Superstars, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk may be unable to compete tonight at Unforgiven. If necessary, Raw General Manager Mike Adamle has vowed to find a suitable replacement for Punk in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble which will still take place, live tonight. Exclusive photos...

Just moments after watching both SmackDown and ECW's Championship Scrambles and mere minutes before his own title defense, the Straightedge Superstar was confronted by Orton in the locker room area. The Legend Killer's verbal exchange distracted Punk long enough for World Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes and newfound associate Manu (son of Wild Samoan Afa) to blindside the tattooed champion.

Coming to CM Punk's aid was Kofi Kingston, though even the Jamaican Craze could not overcome the combined force of four dangerous competitors. Then, Orton's notoriously lethal punt to Punk's head put the champion out of commission, making him potentially incapable of defending the gold that he's worked tirelessly to uphold since July.

This well conspired plot -- seemingly devised by the embittered, recuperating Legend Killer -- has possibly guaranteed a new World Heavyweight Champion tonight on pay-per-view.

Will Punk be cleared to compete? If not, who would Adamle select to fill the fifth and final spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble? Stay logged on to WWE.com for live updates, exclusive interviews and much more Unforgiven coverage.

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