Carlito too cool for Orton?

When contacted Randy Orton for his thoughts on his upcoming match with Carlito at Unforgiven on Sept. 17, his mood immediately plummeted at the mention of the Caribbean Superstar's name. It was expected that Orton would be his usual, brash, cocky self who would have snide remarks about any topic that disallows him to boast about himself, but he was particularly quick to fly off the handle about Carlito. 

"I mean is Carlito even comparable to me? No. I don't even feel as if he's a threat," huffed Orton. "I'd like to say something good about the guy but I can't really… he's got a bad haircut, a corny T-shirt and he spits apple in my face."

The Legend Killer's comments about Carlito's apple-spitting refers to an incident on RAW, when Carlito distracted Orton by spitting apple chunks into his face during a match with Ric Flair, giving the "Nature Boy" the opening to get the pinfall.

Still, Orton got even testier when he was asked about what a loss to Carlito would do for his career. It seems that since the Legend Killer lost to Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, the aura of invincibility the he used to project with his strut and sly grin has dissipated. Rising RAW Superstars like Carlito sense that as an opening: a gateway to project themselves to the next level of Superstardom. 

When Carlito was informed what the Legend Killer had to say about him and how lightly he is approaching the match at Unforgiven, the Caribbean Superstar responded in his casual, nonchalant way.

"Orton is a big talker and he's a big punk that doesn't shut his mouth," Carlito told "He claims to be a third generation Superstar; well, Carlito is a second generation Superstar, so I've been around the business. I've seen guys like Randy Orton come and go, and [at Unforgiven] I'm gong to show him just how cool Carlito is."

Carlito is known as being one of the coolest Superstars on RAW. His swagger, dress and attitude is often mimicked, but never duplicated. But even the coolest Superstars understand a huge opportunity when it creeps up -- and Carlito doesn't plan to let this one pass him by.

"A Randy Orton win would be big for Carlito; he's a former World Champion, but I really don't care. What has he done lately?" asked Carlito. "He hasn't done much. He got embarrassed by Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam and hasn't done anything since he's been back on RAW."

Heading into the match, Carlito has more ammunition to strive for victory. In one of the last intimate moments Carlito shared with Trish Stratus -- who over the past few months have become extremely close with one another -- Orton played spoiler and broke up the private moment. After Lita maliciously ruined Trish's retirement announcement by contacting to break the news, Trish was rattled. Carlito consoled her, but as he held her in his arms and went to give her a kiss, Orton came out of nowhere and blasted both of them into the wall with a football-style shoulder block. The impact of Orton's 250-pound frame dropped both of them to the floor like dead weight. As Carlito and Trish were on the ground, shocked, the Legend Killer strutted away, laughing.

That incident wasn't the last time Orton involved Trish in his attempts to retaliate. After Carlito indirectly ruined Orton's chances at becoming the No. 1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship in a match on RAW against Jeff Hardy, during an Intergender Tag Team Match on RAW, the Legend Killer leveled Trish with the RKO, allowing Women's Champion Lita to get the pinfall to give their team the victory. Carlito was quick to rush to Trish's aid, but the damage was done and the display proved just how vile Orton could be.

"He's made it personal and that will only cause more problems for him," Carlito vowed. "He's going to feel a whole lot of extra [punishment] for that."

Carlito has been on a roll lately. Some WWE fans claim he's stepped up his game to catch the attention of Stratus, a six-time Women's Champion. Whatever has brought on his recent momentum, Carlito understands the gravity behind his Unforgiven match and is trying to ride the wave of success he's been enjoying recently.

"I want to be WWE Champion one day, and Randy Orton will be a big stepping stone for Carlito, so if I can get over that hump, it will be a big one for me," said Carlito.

But to get over that hump he has to travel directly through Orton country, a feat that the Legend Killer claims simply won't happen.

"I'm going to punch him in the nose and break his nose… what is he going to do then -- spit apples in my face?"

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