Main Event

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship

This was not the night nor the victory Kurt Angle and Eric Bischoff envisioned.

Kurt Angle managed to defeat WWE Champion John Cena at Unforgiven when Cena was caught hammering Angle with his championship belt. But Cena's disqualification doesn't warrant the WWE Championship changing hands.

As a result, Cena left Unforgiven still WWE Champion.

It appeared John Cena would win in normal fashion when he connected with the FU on Angle. But moments before, the ref collided with Angle and he was still down.

That gave Angle enough time to recover, and eventually he grabbed his Gold Medal from the corner and wrapped it around his fist before clocking Cena. Angle then slapped on the Ankle Lock while General Manager Eric Bischoff stormed the ring and taunted Cena, claiming his time as champion was ending.

But Cena wouldn't tap out and he managed to escape and force an Angle-Bischoff collision. With the ref still groggy, Cena got some harsh revenge when he smacked Angle with he belt, only to have the ref catch the illegal action out of the corner of his eye just in time to disqualify the champion.

After the bell, Cena connected with an FU on Bischoff and another one on Angle on the outside, as Angle crash-landed on the announce table. 

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