Wedded blitz

Lana takes Maryse and Natalya wedding cake tasting: Total Divas, Jan. 11, 2017

Natalya continues her quest sabotage wedding planning with Lana.

Lana’s mega-wedding to Rusev looms ever larger in the distance, and Natalya, as The Ravishing Russian’s appointed mentor, has been roped into the duties of wedding planner on E!’s Total Divas. The Queen of Harts is a bit overwhelmed with Lana’s scattershot thought process and insanely high standards, and she can’t seem to find a way out of it until R-Truth, of all people, gives her a brilliant suggestion: Tank on purpose. Despite Natalya’s efforts to be the absolute worst wedding planner she can be, Lana remains steadfast in her faith, and Nattie is finally forced to come clean that she doesn’t want to be involved in planning the wedding, as Lana is very difficult to please. Ironically, Lana’s very measured reaction to all of this is basically, “Why didn’t you say so?” So all’s well that ends well there.

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