Do it for the gram

JJ Garcia has his chest waxed for Instagram: Total Bellas, Oct. 11, 2017

Daniel Bryan documents JJ Garcia's painful attempt to get more Instagram followers through a chest-waxing experience.

JJ’s excessive competitiveness comes to the forefront this week on E!’s Total Bellas, as some mild joking over his wife’s profession (she’s a blogger) leads mom Kathy to place a $1,000 wager on whether JJ can triple his Instagram followers. The Bella brother seems like he’s well on his way via a combination of humor (mimicking Nikki’s own posts), stunts (getting his chest waxed while Daniel Bryan films) and brown-nosing (asking female Superstars to take selfies and repost them). But Lauren calls foul when she discovers he agreed to take care of their daughter so he could post photos of the two, as it sort of negates the whole idea of parenting when you’re doing it for Instagram followers. Nikki manages to coerce JJ into apologizing to Lauren, the bet is forfeited, and all he has to do is buy dinner.

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