Spoke too soon

Spoke too soon

The meat of the episode, so to speak, comes when John Cena jumps the gun a bit and kinda-sorta agrees to relocate to Arizona with Nikki so they can help Brie prepare to give birth in a neat reversal of the living situation in Season 1. The problem is Cena’s ridiculous work schedule, which affords him all of three full days over the span of the two-and-a-half months until after WrestleMania is over, and he’s forced to welch on the deal after realizing that it simply won’t be as doable as he thought.

Nikki is understanding; Brie less so after Cena comes clean at a family dinner and has his loyalty openly questioned for prioritizing his work over the rest of them. Cena helpfully reminds Brie that Daniel Bryan is missing the very dinner they’re fighting at because of work commitments, and she’s forced to yield. But, her point is taken all the same, as Nikki and Cena work out a compromise: If he manages to secure 12 free hours on any given day, he'll fly to Arizona to put in an appearance with the Bella family. Despite all this, Brie’s still a little bit put off by Nikki treating Cena like her husband when he isn’t yet, but as we all know, a lot can change in 10 weeks.

Season 2 of Total Bellas continues Wednesday nights at 9/8 C on E!.

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