J.J. the Superstar?

John gives J.J. career advice: Total Bellas, Oct. 19, 2016

J.J. talks to John about his visit to the WWE Performance Center.

Everyone is feeling unfulfilled on this week’s Total Bellas, starting with brother J.J. The male contingent of the Bella brood is in the midst of a passive-aggressive fight with his mother, whom he works for as part of Kathy’s company JBN (that’s J.J., Brianna and Nicole). Though J.J. holds a fairly lofty position in the company, he finds he’s being relegated to Kathy’s gofer and is increasingly frustrated with the career path (or lack thereof) he finds himself on.

A trip to the WWE Performance Center with Nikki Bella and Daniel Bryan, however, leaves J.J. starry-eyed with dreams of becoming a WWE Superstar, but unfortunately, his request that John Cena put a word in with him at the PC goes nowhere, awkwardly. John Laurinaitis is a bit gentler in letting J.J. down, but a family brunch enlightens Kathy to the idea that she should treat J.J. more as her equal if she wants him to stick around. So, she gives him 20 percent of the company.

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