Master of the house

The first formal family dinner at Nikki and John's house turns tense: Total Bellas, Oct. 5, 2016

John Cena goes over the strict rules with his new houseguests.

The problems for the crew start almost instantly, when Bryan bristles at the very vague purpose (“to help,” though no specifics are given) with which he and Brie have been summoned to Nikki’s home. The extended family decides to take it all in stride, however, until Cena lays out the regimented rules of the household, which as Brie points out, are so strict they stop just short of a designated curfew. The family themselves decides they’ll be able to work within Cena’s parameters, but Brie and Bryan’s dog, Josie, provides a bit of a wild card option. More on her later, though. First …

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