Droz's picks for The Bash

Droz's picks for The Bash

Right off the bat, let me pat myself on the back for my excellent pay per view picks last month.  I could of sworn that I had picked Batista to win the belt vs. Orton, but when I looked back I hadn't, so…oh well!  Hopefully my good luck will continue with this pay per view, so let's get to it.

Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (Match Preview)
I love seeing the Colon brothers doing their thing in the ring, but I'm a little worried for them coming into this match.  Rhodes and DiBiase are itching to steal the unified belts from them and I think its prime time that they do so. 

John Cena vs. The Miz (Match Preview)
Miz has finally gotten his wish to face Cena in the big ring and I'm not so sure that when it's all said and done, that he will be very happy.   His sneak attacks on Cena have surely infuriated the superstar to no end and when Cena finally gets his hands on the Miz, the Miz is in some serious trouble.  I would really like to pick Cena for this win, don't get wrong he will abuse the Miz, but I have this sinking feeling that Miz is going to find a way to win this match one way or another.

The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler (Match Preview)
Right off the bat, I'm giving Dolph zero chance to win this match.  The sheer size difference is one of my main reasons.  Don't get me wrong, Ziggler is a very skilled wrestler, but against Khali, his skills aren't going to make much of a difference.  Once the Punjabi powerhouse gets a good hold of Ziggler, that will be his demise.

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio (Match Preview)
 We are in for a barn burner folks!  These two always tear it up when they are in the ring, and this match will be no exception.  I am hoping that Rey will get some payback on Jericho's antics and with that in mind I see Rey coming out on top and winning the Intercontinental Belt.

ECW Championship Scramble Match (Match Preview)
 Wow…what a group of superstars in the ring all at one time.  First off let me congratulate Tommy Dreamer for winning the belt at last month's pay per view.  This has been a long time coming and if anyone ever deserved that belt its Dreamer.  I say this not only as a fan, but as a friend.  The four other men involved in this match all have a great shot at winning this belt as a result of the scramble format.  Mark Henry would really stand out in my eyes as having the best shot but I have to stick with Dreamer and hope that he continues making the ECW belt a proud and respected belt.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Triple H (Match Preview)
With Orton winning the belt after Batista went out, I have to say that Triple H is a sight for sore eyes.  He has been out of the loop for a few months and to see him getting back into the ring doing what he does best is simply wonderful.  Orton has shown us time and time again that he knows how to win the big match; he will surely do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.  You have to remember though, Triple H taught this youngster almost everything he knows.  On that note, I am going to have to say that Orton is going to drop the belt…okay, I changed my mind, I just decided it's not his time yet, Orton will retain, but suffer greatly.

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy (Match Preview)
 Punk has intrigued me of late.  Seeing him slowly turning heel has been quite an interesting sight.  After stealing, and I do mean stealing, the belt from Jeff Hardy, he has done what's been needed to hold onto it.  As always these two will put on a spectacular show and I am sure that when it's all said and done, Jeff will once again be just a little short on winning the belt.  Nothing against Punk, but I would love to see Hardy go on a nice long run and show people what he is truly all about.

Today for the first time in about 15-20 days we saw sun in New Jersey.  Not that I am a big lover of the sun anyway, I really enjoy my darkness, but it was becoming overkill with the amount of rain we have been receiving.   Please once again to keep all the troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers, and I hope that you all have a very safe and happy summer.

Until Next Time…
Droz - Peace

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