Lashley: A Look Back

Bobby Lashley: A Look Back

July 28, 2007

Ever since he was stripped of the ECW World Title, Bobby Lashley has been an uncrowned champion. He was never beaten in a match. His title was merely taken away from him.

But the former United States and ECW World Champion believes he is still a champion, and Superstars and fans alike still show him the respect that a champion deserves.

When Lashley steps into the ring one-on-one at The Great American Bash against WWE Champion John Cena, it will be the opportunity of the Dominator's WWE career. And many fans feel that Lashley's heart, determination and athletic ability could be enough to end John Cena's 10-month title reign.

Here's a look back at three of Bobby Lashley's most memorable championship moments:

Lashley vs. JBL for the United States Championship
SmackDown - May 26, 2006 

Thanks to a challenge from Rey Mysterio, U.S. Champion John Bradshaw Layfield told the SmackDown crowd that he'd face all comers. To his shock and surprise, Mysterio immediately offered up the powerful Bobby Lashley as JBL's opponent.

Three months earlier, Lashley and JBL tangled at No Way Out (pictured above), and it took a blow from Finlay's shillelagh to help JBL notch the win. This time, the Dominator dropped JBL like a bad mutual fund, making the locker room take notice of the power and quickness the new champion possessed. Watch the video...

Ducking a Clothesline From Hell, Lashley speared JBL and covered him for the pin. This match displayed the level of aggression that Bobby Lashley was capable of.

The win was a harbinger of great things to come for the former Army sergeant and amateur wrestling champion.

Extreme Elimination Chamber Match for the ECW World Title
ECW December to Dismember - Dec. 3, 2006 

Returning a week earlier from injury, the former Army sergeant showed incredible determination entering an extremely dangerous environment -- the Extreme Elimination Chamber at ECW December to Dismember. He would face the ECW World Champion Big Show, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Test and Hardcore Holly inside the 10-ton chain and steel monstrosity.

Entering the match fifth, the Dominator used his uncanny strength to rip open his chamber pod's roof after being locked in by Paul Heyman. Then, using his unique combination of speed and power, he dispatched Test with a spear and pinfall.

Finally, turning his attention to the 500-lb. ECW World Champion, Lashley used a steel chair to parry blows from Big Show's barbed-wire baseball bat, then fought his way out of a chokeslam from WWE's largest athlete. Ultimately, it was a vicious spear to the tree-trunk-like abdomen of the Big Show that felled the giant and allowed Lashley to pin him, winning the ECW World Title. Watch the video...

Lashley proudly held the title high in the locker room, showing that he could withstand "Satan's Playground" -- a fellow competitor's nickname for the chamber structure.

"Being in that chamber was threatening and dangerous enough, and on top of that, I had to fight off the toughest -- and largest -- athletes in the world." Lashley said, "This isn't a regular championship I won -- it is extreme." 

Lashley vs. Mr. McMahon in a Street Fight for the ECW World Title
One Night Stand - June 3, 2007 

While Bobby Lashley had beaten the strongest challengers ECW could offer, he never could have counted on being bested by the Machiavellian mind games of the Chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon.

After Lashley helped Donald Trump shave the head of Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania 23's Battle of the Billionaires, McMahon used his son, Shane, and the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, to destroy Lashley in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match, which allowed Mr. McMahon to cover the champion and steal his title.

The Dominator spent the next two months chasing McMahon's posse. Lashley beat McMahon's team at Judgment Day, only to be told that he needed to pin the Chairman himself to regain the ECW World Title -- something he had not done.

Lashley survived a gauntlet of four competitors in one Raw event to earn a one-on-one title rematch with the boss at One Night Stand. But, with no-disqualification Street Fight rules in effect, McMahon was able to use Shane O' Mac and Umaga to his advantage.

But the focus, heart and determination of Lashley shined this night. Lashley was able to shake off the attacks from McMahon's cronies, use his speed and power to dispatch them and spear Mr. McMahon to reclaim his title as the crowd roared. Watch the video...

It was a joyous celebration as Lashley held his title aloft and the fans chanted "Bobby! Bobby!" He had regained his honor and his prestigious title. And Lashley proved to the world that mind games and manipulation were not enough to keep the athletic champion down.


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