Picking The Great American Bash

Picking The Great American Bash

I hope everyone out there is staying as cool as can be. Here in New Jersey it's been pretty warm (some days in the 90s) and my body and heat just don't get along. As a result of my injury, my body doesn't really sweat, so I can't cool myself down. Sometimes I feel like a flower when I'm outside because I have my aides spray me down with a water bottle. Anyway, The Great American Bash is upon us, and talk about a jam-packed card. Six of the seven matches are title bouts, and that in itself raises the bar for everyone competing. Let's get to it and I'll throw in my picks.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley
When Lashley came over from ECW and was stripped of his title, I figured it was only a matter of time before he got an opportunity at the WWE Championship, and was I ever right. Cena has held the WWE Championship for almost a year now, and has faced some serious competition throughout that time. When these two lock-up, we're in for a great treat. Both men look like they can be real-life action figures, and I'm sure as this match progresses we are going to see some unbelievably athletic feats delivered by them. In the end, I see Cena coming out on top of this one, but Lashley is going to stay on his heels and will wear the gold someday soon. 

World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali vs. ???
WOW! With Khali winning the Battle Royal and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, it left a huge opening on the card. We won't find out until after SmackDown whether it's Kane or Batista facing him at The Bash, but whatever way it goes, that individual is in for a huge challenge. I'm not sure if Khali is ready for a long title run, but this will be the true test. It sucks not being able to make a true pick, but since I have to, the winner will be Kane.

ECW World Champion John Morrison vs. CM Punk
When John Morrison made his debut on Tuesday night, I did a double take. Before I knew what his real name was, I swore he looked just like Val Kilmer in The Doors movie. All that aside, Morrison and Punk will probably put on the match of the night. Both are going to be flying around the ring, and I'm sure we'll see some unbelievable moves coming out of this match. Punk has been itching to become ECW Champion, to take the title Morrison won in his first pay-per-view after coming over to ECW. I just don't see it being CM Punk's time to win it, but Morrison will have to keep looking over his shoulder because Punk will not stop until he finally gets the championship.

Intercontinental Champion Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy
This match features two WWE Superstars with exact opposite wrestling styles. We have Umaga's size and power game vs. Jeff Hardy's high-flying non-stop assaults. Umaga recently regained the Intercontinental Title, and I'm sure he'll do everything in his power to hold on to this one. I'd love to see Jeff Hardy come out on top, and hopefully he will, but I think Umaga is going to have just a little too much for him and will retain.

Women's Champion Candice Michelle vs. Melina
In recent weeks, Candice Michelle has been able to keep her title by skirting singles competition. Now that she is being put on the big stage, I think Melina is going to outwrestle her, but Candice will still find a way to squeak by with a victory.

Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton (Texas Bull Rope Match)
Orton has made a recent living off trying to put people out of commission, just like he tried to do on Monday to Dusty's son. Dusty took offense to this, and now we have a Texas Bull Rope Match. I'm not sure how comfortable Orton is going to be in this type of match, but his sadistic side will surely help him survive it. Dusty's a legend in the business, and he's probably been through every type of match imaginable; this will help even the playing field when he steps through those ropes. Believe it or not, I see Dusty pulling this one out with a little help from his son.

United States Champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy
Here is another match where I would love to see one Superstar win (Matt Hardy), but I don't think it's going to happen. MVP has been on a very serious roll as of late, and that United States Championship is feeling pretty good around his waist. These two are going to light it up from beginning to end, with Hardy coming up short but not before putting on one hell of a performance.

I would like to wish Edge the best with his surgery, as well as his recovery; knowing him, he'll be back in the ring in no time doing what he does best. Best of luck, brotha!

On a somber note, I would like to send my condolences to John Kronus' family. I knew him from my time in ECW as well as wrestling with him on a few independent events, and he was a real good dude. He'll definitely be missed. 

Also, if you could please keep all out troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Until next time…
Droz - Peace

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