Cobra Starship rocks The Bash

Cobra Starship rocks The Bash

As our fans around the world tune into The Great American Bash this Sunday, the members of Cobra Starship will be enjoying the pay-per-view event, too. The New York-based band will be proudly rocking out to The Bash's theme -- their song, "The Church of Hot Addiction."

"It's huge. We think it's huge. … As a kid, I was a fan. I'm still a huge fan. We totally back WWE, 100 percent," said Cobra Starship guitarist Ryland Blackinton.

"I, too, am a huge fan. When our manager called us and told us [we'd be working with WWE], I was like, ‘Holy sh*t, that's amazing!' " chuckled the band's lead singer, Gabe Saporta.

When they're not on tour, Blackinton, Saporta and Cobra Starship band mates, bassist Alex Suarez, keytarist Victoria Asher and drummer Nate Novarro, tune into WWE programming. This weekend will be no different, as they firmed up plans to watch The Bash during their recent, exclusive interview.

"What do you say; we'll go to your apartment? You'll pay for it?" Blackinton laughed.

"Yeah, I'll pay for it!  We'll throw a party," Saporta said.

"The Church of Hot Addiction" is off Cobra Starship's 2006 Decaydance Records release, While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets. Blackinton said it's a perfect tune for WWE's The Great American Bash.

"Realistically, just the tempo of the song, it's our hardest song, in terms of rock songs; it's just got that riff. I think it kind of pumps people up," Blackinton said. "When you want to watch WWE or a trailer for a pay-per-view event, you want to get pumped up. You want to get that blood pumping, and that's what the song does."

"I would agree with that, 100 percent. It's just like a rock anthem. You just want to put your fist in the air. It's the same feeling going to a WWE event," Saporta continued.

Cobra Starship recently wrapped up the 2007 Honda Civic Tour with Fall Out Boy, Paul Wall, The Academy Is… and + 44.

"The tour with Fall Out Boy was the biggest, hugest, best tour we've ever been on," Blackinton said. "We got to play in front of so many kids, and everyone was so great. Everyone on the tour, they're all friends of ours. It was like summer camp. I told everyone it was like rock 'n' roll summer camp!"

The band has also toured with Panic! At the Disco, Cartel, Boys Like Girls, Permanent Me, Quietdrive and Gym Class Heroes.

"Gym Class Heroes was our first tour. We all shared a bus. It was 15 of us on a bus that typically sleeps 12. So that was great -- we really got close with them, both literally and spiritually. It was awesome," Blackinton said.

"Panic! At the Disco was great, too. We only got to do that one in 10 days. That was our first sort of taste of huge arenas and massive crowds and mania, and that was really cool," the guitarist explained.

Saporta chimed in that Cobra Starship is in the process of recording its second album, and the band plans to tour again in the fall. No word on with who or where yet, though.

Blackinton offered a final message to our fans reading or tuning into Sunday's Bash.

"I want to tell the WWE fans that I wish we could be there, standing alongside of them, screaming, ‘Hey, hey, hey!' But I think I might have to watch it from Gabe's couch," the WWE fan chuckled.

"We just hope that everybody enjoys the song and maybe if they have the opportunity to, they can listen to the rest of our stuff and maybe they'll feel the same way about it!"

Click here to watch The Great American Bash.

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