Is history repeating itself?

Is history repeating itself? WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London sure hope it's not.

London & Kendrick defeated MNM to become the WWE Tag Team Champions back at Judgment Day, but even before that all-important match, they were able to rack up several wins against the then-champions. But now that the high-flying dup are the champions, they seem to be going through a role reversal. Their Great American Bash challengers, The Pitbulls, have already notched three victories over the champs in non-title matches. Jamie Noble & Kid Kash were able to win a non-title match on Velocity and then picked up singles victories over London and Kendrick the last two weeks on SmackDown.

Despite things playing out eerily similar to what happened at Judgment Day, London & Kendrick are confident they can avoid losing the match that really counts.

"I can say that we underestimated them just a bit," London said of The Pitbulls. "Maybe we still had our head in the clouds from our victory over MNM at Judgment Day, but we are the champions, and we're going to show why we're the champions at The Great American Bash."

Even though London and Kendrick have both suffered losses over the last couple of weeks on SmackDown, they said that they were able to learn some valuable things from those matches.

"Kid Kash and Jamie Noble are talented wrestlers, but I've learned that they'll stoop to anything to get a victory," said Kendrick. "Guys who will do anything can make you a little nervous, but I have all the confidence in the world in Paul and myself as a tag team."

"They're very tenacious. They will claw, bite, scratch and do whatever they can to get the win," added London. "They're obviously going to try and ground us because we like to take our game to the air, which is what we're best at, but if they want to go fist to fist, then we're going to knuckle up and show them we can take it to the ground as well."

After reeling off three victories over the WWE Tag Team Champions, Kash & Noble are certainly confident heading into the Bash.

"It will be a cake walk for us," boasted Kash. "We've already beaten them twice. Why wouldn't we beat them one more time? The whole world saw it. We dominated both of those guys in each match we had."

"They deserve to be champions, and they're tough, but they're just boys in a man's world," added Noble. "This is our opportunity, and we're going to go out there and take it. We might as well be the champions right now. We've already beaten them twice. There ain't no reason to even have the match."

Will London & Kendrick be able to pick up the win when it really matters tonight, or can The Pitbulls make it four wins in a row to become new WWE Tag Team Champions? Tune in to The Great American Bash tonight at 8/7 CT on pay-per-view to find out.

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