Lonely Train heads toward Indianapolis

"Lonely Train" is the official theme song for The Great American Bash, and Southern Kentucky recording artists Black Stone Cherry couldn't be more pleased to team up with WWE and provide the track. WWE.com sat down with the up and coming rockers to discuss their involvement with the July 23rd Bash.

Growing up in small-town Edmonton, Ky., the band members found it easy to gravitate to WWE wrestling on TV. Drummer John Fred Young explained that his past only added to his excitement when he found out Black Stone Cherry would be providing the theme song for The Great American Bash.

"Growing up in South Central, Ky., you either work on the farm, play music or watch wrestling. That's what we did for fun. When they contacted us about using ‘Lonely Train' for their pay-per-view, I was really honored."

Guitarist and vocalist Ben Wells echoed the same sentiments.

"I remember sitting on the couch with my father, watching WWE throughout my childhood. I had all the action figures and everything. When I found out that WWE wanted to use our song, I was just like, wow, this is crazy."

The bandmates, who are currently in the midst of a long summer tour, notice a strong resemblance in the action and energy between a Black Stone Cherry concert and a WWE event. Bassist and vocalist Jon Lawhon, who has attended several wrestling events over the years notices one comparable element.

"The crowds at both shows are very intense. For the most part, our music is head banging from beginning to end and so is the WWE action. If you look at the crowds at the shows, you can see that their adrenaline is pumping, and they are so into what's going on," said Lawhon.

Ben Wells backs up the claim.

"Absolutely, it's nothing short of similar. Just like the wrestlers, our No. 1 goal is to get that crowd going and do whatever it takes to get people moving and involved in the show. There is always a lot of participation at our shows. In WWE, the crowd is always shouting at the wrestlers, and the wrestlers are shouting back. We do the same thing."

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Robertson agrees with his bandmates, but made sure to point out that Black Stone Cherry stops short of emulating the WWE Superstars.

"Yea, the similarities are there. The atmosphere, with the people wanting to go nuts and screaming, that's what our shows are like. It's very much alike, except we don't attack each other when we're on stage."

With all things considered, the members of Black Stone Cherry think their music is perfect for the WWE fans. Jon Lawhon describes the groups sound.

"It's the kind of music that you want to see someone get dropped to. It's very heavy, and it makes you want to beat the crap out of somebody. When you go to see wrestling, you wanna see somebody get physical, and that's what our music is like," explained Lawhon.

Ben Wells summed up the WWE fan base perfectly when detailing the music of Black Stone Cherry.

"Our music is raw, aggressive, and something to sweat too. It's also about brotherhood, and that's exactly what being a WWE fan is all about. It's like a big family, and they are all looking from some raw aggression and that's exactly what they get with WWE and Black Stone Cherry."

As far as The Great American Bash goes, the members of the group are already looking forward to it, and Ben Wells told WWE.com who he's pulling for on the July 23rd pay-per-view.

"I'm going to be rooting for both Rey Mysterio and Undertaker at the Bash. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the Undertaker's match (The Punjabi Prison Match). I know he's one intimidating guy, so on Sunday, I'm putting my money on Taker."

Wells, and the rest of Black Stone Cherry will be watching closely on Sunday, July 23, when their song "Lonely Train" serves as the official theme of The Great American Bash. You can see the event for yourself by ordering the event at 8/7 CT, live and only on pay-per-view." 

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