Will Kennedy survive the Animal's wrath?

Batista will be making his highly anticipated return to pay-per-view at The Great American Bash Sunday, and he has promised to unleash six months of anger and frustration live at the Conseco Field House in Indianapolis. The Animal was originally slated to finally get a chance to exact revenge on the man that put him on the sidelines -- the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. But Henry suffered a serious knee injury at Saturday Night's Main Event that will sideline him for several months, leaving Batista without an opponent for The Bash.

Batista was angry enough before, but after finding out he wouldn't have a chance to get redemption against his arch-nemesis, the Animal was absolutely furious. He issued an open challenge for The Bash, but who would dare step into the ring with The Animal? That question was answered Friday night on SmackDown, when the cocky Mr. Kennedy unflinchingly accepted the challenge.

Mr. Kennedy has been one of the brightest, rising stars on SmackDown ever since he debuted last year. He has recorded wins over the best of the best on SmackDown including current World Champion Rey Mysterio and King Booker just to name a few. Much like Batista, Kennedy also recently returned from a serious injury, and he immediately fell back into his winning ways. But does Kennedy truly know what he's getting himself into? Kennedy certainly has never suffered from a lack of confidence, but with everything Batista's been through, the Animal could be ready to literally rip his head off.

In fact, it Batista's rage on display at last year's Great American Bash. While defending the World Championship against JBL, Batista used a steel chair to fend off JBL and his Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan. After the bell sounded, and Batista realized he was disqualified, it was as if the Animal was released form his cage. The World Champion swung the steel chair with reckless abandon and pummeled his foes a bone-crushing total of 11 times.

To overcome a rampaging Animal, Mr. Kennedy will need to have a strong game plan in place.

"I know what I'm going to do, but I'm not going to say what it is," said the brazen SmackDown Superstar. "I'm not going to take anything away from him. Batista is probably the biggest challenge that I've had to face. So, instead of talking about it right now, I'm going to go out there and let my actions speak louder than words."

While this will mark Batista's first pay-per-view match since Armageddon last December, he made his in-ring return last week at Saturday Night's Main Event. The Animal was impressive, and showed very few signs of ring rust.

"I felt great. The electricity of the crowd was something that I've missed out on for the last six months," said Batista. "It is really such an adrenaline rush and a natural high that I really can't describe it. It's one thing if you just leave and give that up on your own terms, but when it's just ripped away from you prematurely, it's something really hard to live without."

Batista was sitting on the sidelines for six months -- six excruciatingly frustrating months. The Animal, who was used to unleashing a hellacious fury on opponents week in and week out was forced to sit idly by and rehab a serious triceps injury. He was out of action, thirsting for just a taste of that electricity that fuels. But now that he's had that taste, he wants even more, and he'll be looking for it at The Great American Bash. Will Mr. Kennedy be able to turn back the Animal, or will Batista make a successful return to pay-per-view? Don't miss The Great American Bash at 8/7 CT Sunday on pay-per-view to find out.

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