Main Event

Batista vs. JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship

Batista’s intense rage helped him win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 21. But at The Great American Bash, that same fury cost him his match against JBL.
With the referee knocked unconscious, JBL’s Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan tried again and again to take out Batista with a steel chair. Eventually, Batista was left with no alternative but to rip the chair away and toss Jordan aside. Batista then smashed both Orlando and JBL with the chair, but by that time the referee was awake and witnessed the final act worthy of disqualification.
Batista was stunned with disbelief when he heard the bell sound to signify his DQ, and with nothing then to lose, he ripped into his rivals with a steel chair, nailing them a total of 11 times.
He headed up the ramp with his World Heavyweight Championship, shaking his head at all that had just transpired. But when JBL was announced before the thousands in attendance in the HSBC Arena as the official victor, Batista had to head back down to dish out some more punishment — hitting Batista Bombs on both Orlando and JBL.
While JBL did make good on his guarantee to win at The Great American Bash, he didn’t claim the World Heavyweight Championship. The closest he came was hitting a vicious Clothesline from Hell on Batista while the referee was knocked out. JBL pulled at his hair in frustration, realizing that his best chance to become champion was quickly evaporating because of the lack of a referee. He attempted a second clothesline finisher, but Batista caught him with a spinebuster. Sensing danger to JBL’s chances, Orlando pounced with the chair, setting in motion the events that led to Batista’s eventual disqualification.

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