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JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero in a Texas Bullrope Match for the WWE Championship

After defeating Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 21, WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero’s next challenger became John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL defeated Eddie by disqualification at Judgment Day, and at the Great American Bash, he was granted a rematch. This time, however, it was a Bullrope Match; both men were attached at the wrist to a bullrope, and the man who could drag his opponent to all four corners in succession would be the winner.

The bullrope itself was used as a weapon early and often, as both men choked each other with it mercilessly. JBL used the cowbell attached to the rope as a weapon as well, but Guerrero would eventually turn the tables and give the challenger a little more cowbell.

He champion nearly won the match early on, but JBL narrowly kept Guerrero from touching the fourth corner. In turn, Eddie busted JBL open with a chair, and eventually nailed JBL with a Frog Splash. Somehow, the challenger once again escaped a loss, rolling out of the ring to prevent Guerrero from reaching the fourth corner.

The two men fought on the floor, with JBL gaining control. However, it was soon Guerrero’s turn to prevent JBL from touching all four corners, using a low blow to prevent the challenger from winning.

In the end, Guerrero dragged JBL to three corners, but the wise challenger touched them at the same time Guerrero did. With both men having touched three, the champion launched himself at the challenger, driving both men into the fourth corner. While it looked like Eddie had won and retained the gold, then-General Manager Kurt Angle came out and screwed Guerrero. Saying that JBL’s body had touched the final corner first, he was thus the winner of the match and the new WWE Champion.

The victory kicked off a championship reign that would last for almost 10 months.

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