Who will draw first blood?

Fueled by an intense rivalry, Mr. Kennedy and Undertaker are looking to settle a score with a First Blood Match at Survivor Series.

The match, considered one of the most brutal among specialty matches, contains no disqualifications and weapons can be used. Two of WWE's First Blood veterans weighed in on the implications of the First Blood Match for the Phenom and Kennedy.

"Kennedy's definitely got his work cut out for him," said World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. "These matches don't really test the technical ability of an athlete, but their toughness." Cena believes that it's not just the toughness, but luck that may help. "There is always a chance you might get lucky," said Cena. "You know, your opponent could slip on a banana peel and get busted open."

Both Kennedy and Undertaker have seemingly primed themselves for their upcoming match. Two weeks ago on SmackDown Kennedy bloodied the Phenom with his microphone. Since then he has displayed his still crimson trophy as proof that he has evolved from being intimidated by the Dead Man, to being a real threat. The cards may be in Kennedy's corner for now, but Kane thinks otherwise.

"These types of matches are completely different than any other. The goal is different, and things can get pretty brutal because of that," said the Big Red Monster. "I think his [Undertaker] strategy is going to be the same as it always is. Just to be physically dominant. Basically the match is made for him-the strategy is to beat the guy into submission, and that's what he always does."


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