CM Punk's big night

Tonight inside Philadelphia's Wachovia Center, CM Punk sat in the soon to be filled arena and shared his thoughts on his big night.

"It's definitely the biggest night of my career, hands down," said CM Punk. "To me this is the ultimate payoff for all my hard work."

Survivor Series was one of CM Punk's favorite pay-per-views as a kid, so getting to compete in a Traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 Match is a dream come true. He'll be competing tonight with some of WWE's top Superstars: DX and the Hardy Boyz.

"I always knew I would be here, but a year ago, this seemed like it was completely out of reach," confessed the Extremist. "Now that I'm here, the sky's the limit and to all those people who thought I wouldn't be here a year ago, wait until you see where I am a year from now."

But as an ECW flag-bearer, CM Punk went on to explain it wasn't just a big night for him personally.

"I was on the phone earlier today with Stevie Richards. He told me this wasn't just for me, this is for ECW," said CM Punk. "A lot of pride is on the line. All of ECW guys are a big family."

While tonight may be the biggest night in CM Punk's career thus far, he knows a strong showing tonight could have extreme implications.

"I think today is going to be one of many watershed moments in my becoming the future of this business and not just for ECW."

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