Survivor Series a HR for Phillies' Rowand fielded some quick comments from Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Aaron Rowand, who (along with free-agent catcher Ben Davis) was among the sold-out Wachovia Center crowd in attendance enjoying Survivor Series Sunday night. A long-time WWE fan himself, Rowand was in awe at what he saw from his ringside seat. "You see how much [the Superstars] get out there, how physical they really are," he told "You get your money's worth when you come. You see the world of hurt these people actually go through."

No stranger to injury himself this past baseball season—including a broken nose and broken ankle—Rowand was clearly impressed by how the WWE Superstars continue to "go about their business. They're gonna have injuries and they're gonna have hurts, just like in any major sport. They just get through it."

Though he admits to crying foul after seeing King Booker lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Batista ("I'm a King Booker fan," he said), Rowand certainly didn't walk away from the evening dissatisfied. "The biggest thing to take away from this," he explained, "is that [these Superstars] really do a good job when they do their thing. They don't mess around. You're gonna see guys getting thrown down. It's a lot more physical than you see on TV."

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