Main Event

WWE Championship Match
Sid def. Shawn Michaels to become new WWE Champion

The Heartbreak Kid put his WWE Championship on the line against his former bodyguard, Sid. Michaels had his former trainer, Jose Lothario, in his corner for this big match as well. The Showstopper was giving away a tremendous amount of height and power, but they don t call him the Main Event for nothing.

Michaels tried to utilize his speed early on and went after Sid s legs. Sid powered through, though, and unleashed a devastating power attack on the WWE Champion. Every time HBK tried to mount a comeback, Sid came back with another bone-crushing maneuver. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music when he thought he had an opening, but Sid caught him and drove him to the mat with a chokeslam.

With the Showstopper down, Sid grabbed a television camera and decked Lothario. In the meantime, HBK recovered and finally connected with the Sweet Chin Music. But instead of going for the pin, Shawn checked on his fallen friend, Lothario. When HBK returned to the ring, the referee got knocked out. Sid took advantage of the situation and hit Michaels with the television camera as well, and then hit the powerbomb for the win and the WWE Championship.

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