Main Event

WWE Championship No Disqualification Match
Bret Hit Man Hart def. Diesel to become new WWE Champion

Bret 'Hit Man' Hart was giving away a ton of size and strength to Diesel, and to make matters even tougher for the challenger, it was a No Disqualification Match. Diesel worked on Bret s back early on in the match by sending him into the steel post and smashing him with a chair, but the Hit Man countered by working on the big man's knees, securing him in the Figure Four Leglock, trying to take away his mobility.

The Excellence of Execution was merciless. He tied Diesel's ankles around the ring post with a cable and demolished his legs with a steel chair. Diesel somehow got out of the predicament and used the same cable to choke out the Hit Man. Moments later Diesel knocked Bret off the apron, sending him crashing through the announce table. It's very common nowadays for the announce table not to make it through a pay-per-view event, but this was one of the first times such an incident occurred. Diesel brought Bret back into the ring and tried to give him the Jackknife Powerbomb, but Bret was able to hook him in a small package for the shocking win and the WWE Championship. Diesel showed his frustrations after the match by leaving Bret for dead after two monstrous powerbombs.

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