Main Event

Casket Match
Undertaker def. Yokozuna

Yokozuna was one of the most dominant WWE Superstars at the time, but there's only one Undertaker. The Deadman and Yokozuna met in a Casket Match earlier in the year at the Royal Rumble, and Undertaker was primed to pick up another Casket Match win. But before The Phenom could go in for the kill, he was swarmed by 11 Superstars, leading to a Yokozuna win. For this rematch, however, Chuck Norris was brought in as a special ring enforcer to prevent such a sneak attack to occur once again.

As the match wore on, Undertaker looked to be gaining momentum. King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow of Ted DiBiase's Corporation  came out and distracted Norris. With Norris distracted, I.R.S. came in and nailed the Deadman. Yokozuna was on the verge of getting Taker into the casket, but the Phenom battled back. He was able to land a big boot that sent Yokozuna reeling, pushed him into the casket, and closed the lid for the big victory.

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