Also in 1992

The following events also occurred in 1992...

Ross Perot entered the Presidential race, but in the end George Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton.

Wayne's World becomes one of Saturday Night Live's movie spin-off successes.

For the first time, professional basketball players were allowed to compete in the Olympics when the likes of Michaels Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson joined forces to form the first-ever Dream Team.

Woody Allen starts dating his adopted daughter Soon Yi.

Right Said Fred came out with the comical yet popular song I'm Too Sexy.

Barney the purple dinosaur becomes every kid's best friend and every parent's worst enemy.

The Real World, which taped the lives of seven strangers living together in a house, debuted on MTV.

Billy Ray Cyrus made country line dancing popular again with his Achy Breaky Heart.

Whitney Houston was back on top of the charts with her soundtrack to The Bodyguard, a movie in which she also co-starred with Kevin Costner.

Fabio, who graced the cover of romance novels everywhere, became a household name.

Parents everywhere cringed at the Mortal Kombat video game.

Quentin Tarrantino gave us his first major offering with Reservoir Dogs.

Sir Mix-A-Lot let the world know what he looks for in a woman with Baby Got Back.

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