Main Event

The Ultimate Warriors: Ultimate Warrior, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart & The Rockers def. The Heenan Family: Andre the Giant, Bobby "The Brain Heenan, Haku & Arn Anderson
Sole Survivor: Ultimate Warrior

This marked the first time an entire team was comprised of Heenan Family members. In fact, Bobby "The Brain" himself was even a participant, as he subbed for Tully Blanchard. In just a matter of seconds, however, Andre the Giant was shockingly eliminated as Ultimate Warrior used his seemingly superhuman strength to clothesline the Eighth Wonder of the World out of the ring, prompting a count-out.

The Heenan Family was able to even the odds and it boiled down to Arn Anderson and Bobby "The Brain" against Shawn Michaels and Ultimate Warrior. Despite arguing with Heenan, Double A was able to hit his patented spinebuster on Michaels for the pin and elimination. Anderson then went to work on the Warrior. The Warrior, however, was able to rally and eliminate his foe. This left the Warrior against Heenan. After toying with "The Brain" for a while, the Warrior finally put him out of his misery and eliminated the manager, leaving himself as the sole survivor.

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