Main Event

Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Koko B Ware, Hillbilly Jim & Hercules def Haku, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase , Akeem, The Red Rooster & Big Boss Man
Survivors: Hulk Hogan, Savage

The Hennan Family and Slick s men teamed up again in the main event of the 1988 Survivor Series Hulk Hogan was on the opposite side one again, but this time he was joined by his Mega Powers teammate, Macho Man Randy Savage Savage defeated Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase in the finals of the WWE Championship tournament at WrestleMania IV and they had been at odds ever since

This one boiled down to the Mega Powers facing off against The Twin Towers (Big Bossman & Akeem) and Haku Boss Man, who was the legal man in the ring with Savage, went to the outside and double teamed Hogan Akeem and Boss Man handcuffed Hogan to the ropes and started dishing out some punishment During the beating, however, Boss Man was counted out, evening the teams at two Akeem was soon disqualified and the Mega Powers had the advantage all of a sudden Hogan was still handcuffed to the ropes outside, however, so a fallen Savage was left alone with Haku Haku missed a kick, which accidentally knocked out Slick The Dr of Style had been holding the keys to the handcuffs, and when he was knocked out, the keys went flying, and Hogan retrieved them Hogan unlocked his handcuffs and hit the big leg drop on Haku for the win as he and Savage were the survivors

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