Survivor Series 2015 predictions

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

Survival has been the key to November in WWE for 29 years. The stakes are as high as ever at this year’s Survivor Series, with four Superstars vying to capture the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The WWE Universe is also gathering to celebrate 25 years of The Undertaker, who faces one of his gravest challenges alongside his half-brother, Kane. Can The Wyatt Family spoil The Deadman’s historic day?

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To take a closer look at the Survivor Series card, we got WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel, ECW Original Joey Styles and editors to pick who they think will survive the epic event in Atlanta.

Dean Ambrose vs. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinals)

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

@HowardFinkel: I’m truly torn in picking a winner here. These two Superstars have both earned my respect with their styles and never-say-die attitudes that they possess. So now push has come to shove for me to make a decision: Dean Ambrose to prevail … barely! WINNER: Dean Ambrose

@JoeyStyles: I am a huge fan of both Owens and Ambrose and have been since before they were on WWE’s radar. Both of these men have shed blood, sweat and tears on the indies for much, much less than the most coveted title in sports-entertainment history. I can only imagine what they will do to themselves and each other on Sunday to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As combustible as these two men are, I don’t expect a match as much as I expect a fight all over the floor, resulting in Ambrose advancing by count out or disqualification. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Anthony Benigno: This is a dark horse pick for match of the night. In a battle between two bulls, Ambrose ekes out the victory and goes head-to-head with his brother in the finals. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Ryan Pappolla:  Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose are a study in contrast in every area imaginable, except one — the level of skill they bring to the ring. Expect several heart-stopping close-calls and a ton of high impact maneuvers. In fact, expect one too many — The Lunatic Fringe will take one risk he shouldn’t have and find himself KO’d. WINNER: Kevin Owens

Bobby Melok: Kevin Owens may be the most confident Superstar heading into Survivor Series. The reigning Intercontinental Champion has made it clear that he plans on adding WWE’s richest prize to his résumé, and there’s no doubt he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that a reality. WINNER: Kevin Owens.

Dean Ambrose: 3, Kevin Owens: 2

Roman Reigns vs. United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semifinals)

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

@HowardFinkel: Since returning to WWE, Del Rio has been on a white-hot streak of victory after victory. Can he continue his momentum into this semifinal tournament match? I believe that he can. Taking nothing away from Reigns by any means, I just believe that this will be a closely contested affair, with Del Rio literally being just three seconds better than Reigns this Sunday, to advance to the tournament final. WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

@JoeyStyles: Is anyone picking Alberto Del Rio to win this match? I have no doubt that Reigns will Superman Punch and Spear his way into the finals after a grueling battle with MexAmerica’s greatest (and only) export. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Del Rio lock Reigns in the cross-armbreaker after the match, simply to spitefully send him flying into the finals with an injured wing. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Anthony Benigno: Que pena, MexAmerica. The Big Dog will punch (and kick, and Spear) his way to the finals, despite a stiff challenge from a prickly Del Rio. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Ryan Pappolla: If it is physicality that catches your eye, then your iris will be quite pleased on Survivor Series Sunday watching these two duke it out. Both Superstars will be hyper-aware of the championship stakes, but the one who has yet to fully climb atop the mountain will be the one to advance. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Bobby Melok:  Though Roman Reigns seems destined to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, his opponent is all too familiar with making destiny come true. Del Rio defeated 15-time World Champion John Cena on his first night back in WWE. I think he’ll play spoiler just one month later by taking out The Big Dog. WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

Roman Reigns: 3, Alberto Del Rio: 2

Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Paige

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

@HowardFinkel: I am really looking forward to this contest. As much as I’ve been impressed with Charlotte’s abilities since becoming Divas Champion, I’m even more impressed on how Paige has empowered herself in the face of her former friend, and for that matter, the WWE Universe! This has all the makings of an epic battle, and I feel that the brash Brit is destined to become Divas Champion for a third time. WINNER: Paige

@JoeyStyles: I’m not going to repeat the distasteful, disgusting and desperate bile that Paige spewed on Raw. The fact is, Paige wanted to turn an athletic match (which I believe would have given Charlotte an edge), into an ugly and emotional fight (which I believe gives Paige the edge). Unfortunately, WWE history proves that these tasteless tactics can be very successful. WINNER: Paige

Anthony Benigno: Paige made it personal. Good for a headline, but bad for motivating a fighting champion. Charlotte takes out the original Diva Revolutionary, and she does it (yep) with flair. WINNER: Charlotte

Ryan Pappolla: Over the course of one explosive contract signing on Raw, this matchup on paper went from a potential catch-as-catch-can classic to a bar fight. Charlotte will undoubtedly be fuming when the bell rings. However, I have to believe that that’s exactly where the veteran Paige wants the champion to be. WINNER: Paige

Bobby Melok: Paige may have rattled Charlotte on Raw with her extremely personal comments. In the process, though, she turned this Divas Championship Match into an all-out war. Charlotte won’t be pulling any punches when she picks her rival apart in Atlanta. Retaining the title will almost be an afterthought to defending her family’s honor. WINNER: Charlotte

Paige: 3, Charlotte 2

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

@HowardFinkel: This match features a veteran against a rookie who has impressed me thus far. And having Summer Rae by your side is a plus as well for Breeze, although Dolph might not agree. I truly believe they’re going to battle each other tooth and nail this Sunday, with the rookie defeating the veteran. WINNER: Tyler Breeze

@JoeyStyles: I have no problem saying that at this point in his young career, Tyler Breeze is not on Dolph Ziggler’s level. That being said, Summer Rae has proven with every Superstar that she’s been with that she can be a difference maker. I expect Dolph to dominate this match only to be robbed of a win when the long-legged former Lingerie Football League player employs some unsportsperson-like conduct. WINNER: Tyler Breeze

Anthony Benigno: Sitting at a not-so-pretty 2-1, Breeze seems like he bit off more than he can chew. But he’ll prove his pedigree when he knocks off Zig Man in this showdown. WINNER: Tyler Breeze

Ryan Pappolla: At this moment, I firmly believe Dolph Ziggler when he states he has zero regrets about passing on Summer Rae’s romantic advances. I, however, am not too sure he will feel that same way after Tyler Breeze’s new squeeze is instrumental in costing him a victory on Sunday. WINNER: Tyler Breeze

Bobby Melok: Tyler Breeze has gotten the upper hand on Dolph Ziggler in recent weeks, but moments like those only fuel The Showoff. Ziggler’s at his best when he’s fighting against the odds. Look for Prince Pretty to get a wake-up call about life on the main roster at Survivor Series. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Tyler Breeze: 4, Dolph Ziggler 1

The Brothers of Destruction vs. Two members of The Wyatt Family

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

@HowardFinkel: It doesn’t matter which two Wyatt Family members step into the ring this Sunday. The Brothers of Destruction will live up to their collective team name and emerge victorious. ’Nuff said! WINNERS: The Brothers of Destruction

@JoeyStyles: Unless Bray Wyatt has the power to resurrect Andre the Giant, clone him and recruit the twin Andres into his family, I’m picking The Brothers of Destruction. Then again, if Bray Wyatt has the power to resurrect Andre the Giant, clone him and recruit the twin Andres into his family, I’m still picking The Brothers of Destruction. WINNERS: The Brothers of Destruction

Anthony Benigno: Supernatural powers are all well and good, but when it comes to an in-ring fight, The Wyatt Family is too young, too hungry, and has too much to lose to blow this one. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

Ryan Pappolla: Bray Wyatt and family have two potential paths to victory on Sunday. Option one: re-kidnap The Undertaker and Kane prior to the match. Option two: Conjure all the lightning and fire Wyatt can muster to set the ring ablaze, thus calling off the match. Twenty-five years of dominance and marvel will be on full display this Sunday. Thank you, Deadman. WINNERS: The Brothers of Destruction

Bobby Melok: Yes, The Wyatt Family may feel stronger than ever after taking control of The Undertaker’s druids. However, The Phenom and his half-brother have been dealing with threats of all manner — mortal and otherworldly — for more than two decades. On his 25th anniversary, The Undertaker will stand tall with Demon Kane by his side. WINNERS: The Brothers of Destruction

The Brothers of Destruction: 4, The Wyatt Family: 1

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final

Survivor Series 2015 predictions

@HowardFinkel: (Dean Ambrose vs. Alberto Del Rio) Quite simply put, if this final pairing goes according to my thoughts, then we are to be in for a whale of a finals match! I feel that Dean Ambrose will have more gas left in the tank, and will find a way to upend Del Rio, and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

@JoeyStyles: (Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose) Best friends, brothers in arms — bull! Roman Reigns may be a man of principle who refuses any and all shortcuts, but Ambrose isn’t. When Reigns least expects it, Ambrose is going to attack him with a barbarism worthy of the thumbtack, barbed wire, light bulb and power tool-filled death matches that made him the madman he is. Still, while the friendship between the two former Shield teammates may not survive, Reigns will, en route to becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Anthony Benigno: (Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose) Brother against brother, lunatic vs. big dog, jilted contender vs. jilted contender. Who wins? Tough to say. I’m going with Reigns, but by a hair. WINNER: Roman Reigns

Ryan Pappolla: (Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens) It seems simply predestined that these two young, rising, polar opposite figures clash with it all on the line this Sunday. For as much as Reigns has been through and survived since falling short of the title at WrestleMania 31, the logical conclusion to make would be that he finally prevails here. Nope. The Prizefighter wins the ultimate prize at Survivor Series. WINNER: Kevin Owens

Bobby Melok: (Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio) Roman Reigns seems destined to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, Ambrose has promised anarchy if he wins the title and Kevin Owens simply expects to walk out of Atlanta as champion. But Alberto Del Rio is the only one out of the four remaining in the tournament who has been a World Champion. That experience will prove to be the difference, as the young nation of MexAmerica will have its first World Champion when Del Rio defeats Owens. WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

Roman Reigns: 2, Dean Ambrose: 1, Kevin Owens: 1, Alberto Del Rio: 1

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