Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means only one thing in the WWE Universe — Survivor Series! The world is ready for the ultimate in team competition at the 28th annual edition of WWE’s Thanksgiving time extravaganza.

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There’s more on the line than ever this year, as Team Cena clashes with Team Authority, with Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s powerful grasp on WWE hanging in the balance. Aside from the action-packed main event, there is plenty to look forward to at Survivor Series. You can click through and check out’s predictions for the event, then leave yours in the comments below.

Thanks to veteran wrestling journalist Bill Apter for contributing his predictions for Survivor Series. You can follow Bill on Twitter @apter1wrestling.

Gold & Stardust vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow (WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

@JoeyStyles: I'm not a fan of multiple competitor title matches like Triple Threats and Fatal 4-Ways, because I am a purist who believes that to become the true champion, you must defeat the previous champion and nobody else. I have the utmost respect for Gold & Stardust, The Usos and Los Matadores. Not so much for Miz and his stunt double, Damien Mizdow. That being said, anything can happen in a Fatal 4-Way, and I am predicting that Mizdow wins the twin titles for himself and The Awesome One by pinning one of Los Matadores. WINNERS:The Miz & Damien Mizdow

@HowardFinkel: These four teams all know each other so very well. In this match, Gold & Stardust effectively do not have to be pinned or submit to lose the WWE Tag Team Championship, and they might not get the chance to regain them. This is a golden opportunity for one of the other three teams to score a big win, and I am going with the perceived long shots, Los Matadores, to do just that! Fernando & Diego will be on their “A” game this Sunday, and will leave St. Louis as new WWE Tag Team Champions. WINNERS:Los Matadores

Bill Apter: The Miz & Damien Mizdow seem to have a certain momentum going for them, and I predict that this unusual, yet very entertaining duo will win the titles. WINNERS:The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Scott Taylor: Don’t let The Miz & Damien Mizdow’s over-the-top theatrics fool you; they mean business. Both have been a part of successful tag teams in the past, and their unorthodox antics are nearly impossible for the opposition to prepare for. Get ready, because these A-listers are ready for their starring roles as WWE Tag Team Champions. WINNERS:The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Zach Linder: The current champions and former titleholders The Usos have plenty of history with each other, and while Los Matadores have never held the gold, they are a skilled and respected duo in their own right. The sleeper in this match is The Miz and his stunt double, Damien Mizdow. But if they pull off the victory, can it really be considered an upset? They’re two of the most talented and entertaining Superstars on the roster, and they only seem to be getting better. Expect the lights of Hollywood to get a little brighter Sunday. WINNERS:The Miz & Damien Mizdow

The Miz & Damien Mizdow: 4, Los Matadores: 1, The Usos: 0, Gold & Stardust: 0

Natalya, Naomi, Alicia Fox & Emma vs. Paige, Summer Rae, Layla & Cameron

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

@JoeyStyles: This match looks to be exciting because seven out of the eight competitors actually know that you have to pin your opponent while she is on her back, not stomach, to beat her. In case you didn't get that dig at Cameron, I am not predicting her to survive. In the end, I am picking Paige as the sole survivor of her team. WINNERS:Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla

@HowardFinkel: This should be something to see. There are a lot of egos participating in this contest, and I look forward to seeing which team will end up with the bragging rights. I am most interested in seeing how Alicia Fox works with her fellow teammates after ditching her former friend, Paige. With that in mind, I am going to pick the Paige/Cameron/Summer Rae/Layla quartet as the winners. WINNERS: Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla

Scott Taylor: When sizing up both teams I think Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi & Emma have the slight edge. Natalya has the experience, and it’s hard to match the strength and athleticism provided by Alicia and Naomi. Plus, despite her silliness, Emma is more than capable of eliminating a Diva or two. WINNERS:Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi & Emma

Zach Linder: You might want to send your pal to grab your popcorn, because the Divas have been must-see as of late. Considering the personalities on the team of Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla, that unit could implode at any moment. With the powerful Alicia Fox abandoning her alliance with Paige to join up with the veteran Natalya, athletic Naomi and fun-loving Emma, that creates a crew that will stop at nothing to leave the fans with smiles on their faces. WINNERS:Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi & Emma

Bobby Melok: When the “Total Divas” step in the ring this Sunday, expect tons of drama. After the smoke clears, I think it will be the team of Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi & Emma who walk out victorious. I don’t see Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla being able to put aside their usual self-centeredness to work together as a team. WINNERS:Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi & Emma

Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi & Emma: 3; Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla: 2

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

@JoeyStyles: My first prediction is that this match will be every bit as good as the war of words that preceded it in the weeks leading up to Sunday. Anyone looking for a match resembling the Malenko/Guerrero-pure wrestling classic that I gushed about on ECW Exposed is better off actually watching that match before Survivor Series. Because this match does not have any special stipulations that nullify disqualifications, I expect Dean Ambrose to officially lose by DQ but get a victory of sorts when he finally snaps and unleashes the contents of his “survival kit” on The Eater of Worlds. WINNER:Bray Wyatt

@HowardFinkel: This match is just too close to call. Both men clearly march to the beat of their own drums, which I think is admirable. This will be Wyatt’s first major contest totally flying solo, without any followers, which could cause a feeling of uneasiness, perhaps. But when all is said and done, Wyatt will be the one to come out on top. WINNER:Bray Wyatt

Bill Apter: These are two of the most volatile and maniacal people in WWE. Ambrose’s relentless ferocity will prove to be too much for Wyatt to handle. Wyatt is a master of psychology, but that won’t help him against the unpredictable, physically explosive attack of Dean Ambrose. WINNER:Dean Ambrose

Scott Taylor: How do you predict a match between two of the most unpredictable Superstars in WWE history? I’m not entirely sure, but based on the past actions of Bray Wyatt, I just can’t pick against him. I fully expect Dean Ambrose to deliver a beating to The Eater of Worlds, but I think The New Face of Fear has a surprise in store for his unstable opponent that will help him survive this showdown. WINNER:Bray Wyatt

Zach Linder: This battle is less about the eventual victor and more who will somehow leave St. Louis in one piece. With these two wild competitors ready to face off, they’ll likely tear up the rule book. The mind-bending Bray will stop at nothing to teach his opponents a lesson, and Ambrose’s rage will likely mar any semblance of strategy. In the end, though, there’s a method to Wyatt’s madness, and he’ll overcome the madness to torture Ambrose another day. WINNER:Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt: 4, Dean Ambrose: 1

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

@JoeyStyles: Watching Nikki Bella abuse her sister/servant Brie Bella has been uncomfortable to watch at times and made it evident that these two ladies that shared one womb are identical in appearance only. With only days to go left as Nikki's “Cinder-Bella,” I expect Brie to cost her evil twin sister the Divas Championship opportunity by driving a Daniel Bryan-like knee into AJ Lee's face, causing a disqualification loss for her sister. After that, I hope the Bella family’s Thanksgiving is taped for “Total Divas.” WINNER:AJ Lee 

@HowardFinkel: You want to have fun at the expense of the Divas Champion? Well, both Nikki Bella and “AJ Brie” found out the hard way that AJ Lee meant business this past Monday night. Notwithstanding that, Nikki has made great strides as a singles in-ring competitor and will give AJ everything and then some. Yet, the Divas Championship will remain around the waist of Ms. Lee when the winner is announced. WINNER:AJ Lee

Bill Apter: I firmly believe Nikki Bella will win the championship from AJ Lee due to interference. Nikki will order her sister, Brie Bella, to help her win the title and escalate her ego up another few notches. WINNER:Nikki Bella

Scott Taylor:In a straightforward one-on-one contest, I would give AJ Lee the advantage over Nikki Bella, due to her experience and prestigious track record. However, Brie Bella has been smack-dab in the middle of this rivalry, so my guess is she will play a part in the outcome of this match. I think AJ made a rare mistake when she decided to DDT Nikki’s personal assistant on Raw. Now, the Divas Champion may have lost an ally in her fight against a determined challenger. WINNER:Nikki Bella

Zach Linder: Few competitors in WWE have noticeably improved as much as Nikki Bella has over the last several years. With a power game that she clearly learned from her multi-time champ beau and a fiery mean streak that rivals Roddy Piper’s, Nikki has all the tools to succeed right now. AJ Lee can hang with anyone, but she’s ready for a singles matchup against a confident Nikki with the title on the line. And don’t sleep on Brie Bella lurking to do whatever bidding is asked of her, whether she likes it or not. WINNER:Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella: 3, AJ Lee: 2

Team Cena vs. Team Authority

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

@JoeyStyles: These types of matches are almost impossible to predict, because we are not tasked with picking an entire winning team, but anywhere from one to five survivors of the winning team. That being said, I am going to start by predicting the winning team because of the high stakes of the match. The survivors of the match will be on Team Cena , meaning The Authority will no longer be in power. As for which Team Cena members survive, I'm going with Dolph Ziggler and Ryback, only to see The Big Guy then Shellshock The Showoff, because he's just not a team player, unless that team is Team Ryback. WINNER:Team Cena

@HowardFinkel: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have assembled an impressive and in-sync array of talent, as the team members all seem to have each other’s backs. On the other side, I feel that the paint is still wet with Team Cena and might not be dry by this Sunday. Will Ryback revert back to being his own man? Can Erick Rowan be trusted? And how healthy are Dolph Ziggler and Big Show following Raw? I also wonder how cohesive a team they will be, because to me, Cena had to do more than his fair share of convincing to get folks to join with him. It’s all or nothing for The Authority, and I believe they will prevail in this traditional Survivor Series contest! WINNER:Team Authority

Bill Apter:Team captain John Cena’s motto is “Never give up,” and his teammates certainly share his goal of totally demolishing Team Authority, which undoubtedly will spur on Cena and his fighting allies to ultimate victory. I do caution that Team Authority could pull out a surprise win if Ryback, who I don’t trust at all, decides to align himself with Team Authority during a critical point in the match. WINNER:Team Cena

Scott Taylor: Where there’s a will, John Cena finds a way. The stakes have never been higher for a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, and I think we are looking at two of the strongest Survivor Series teams ever assembled. But for me, the X-factor is the Cenation leader, who has made a career out of winning big matches. The Authority’s time is up ... even if they can’t see it yet. WINNER:Team Cena

Zach Linder: John Cena’s road to Survivor Series has been — to say the least — a bumpy one. Until late Monday night, Cena didn’t even have a complete quintet. With the additions of Ryback and Erick Rowan on Raw, not to mention Triple H being left in a heap wearing a rumpled button-down, Cena seems to finally have the momentum he needs. But one night does not a team make. The Authority has curated a cadre that oozes power. They can’t lose. Their livelihoods are on the line. My money’s on the bad guys. WINNER:Team Authority

Team Cena: 3, Team Authority: 2

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