The best WWE fan chants from Survivor Series at MSG

The best WWE fan chants from Survivor Series at MSG

NEW YORK – More than 16,000 raucous WWE fans packed The World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, in midtown Manhattan for the 25th annual Survivor Series. From the moment the event went on the air, New York City’s delegation of the WWE Universe made it clear that their collective voice would be heard … all night long.

During the opening match between United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and his challenger, John Morrison, “We Want Ryder!” rang throughout the hallowed halls of MSG and began an evening of chants that made our fans as much a part of the show as anyone who stepped foot in the ring.

When the 485-pound Big Show inexplicably dropped a top turnbuckle elbow on his 414-pound opponent, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, chants of “Randy Savage” echoed through the same arena that “The Macho Man” himself main evented.

When WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel – CM Punk’s hand-picked personal ring announcer for his WWE Championship Match – was announced, “The Fink” tearfully listened and was choked up as his name was chanted in the arena that he has announced in for 34 years. (That’s not a typo.)

As The Second City Savior prepared to win his second WWE Championship, the WWE Universe proclaimed in unison, “We want ice cream!” to the Superstar who has been championing the return of WWE ice cream bars since this past summer.

When The Rock started the main event by locking up with and subsequently schooling The Miz, “You still got it!” was definitively declared in the venue where The Brahma Bull made his WWE debut 15 years ago at Survivor Series.

In fact, when we were inspired by the idea to write a story about Sunday night’s chants from Madison Square Garden, we took to Twitter and asked you to use #MSGchants and the equivalent of a cyber chant erupted across the web when #MSGchants trended worldwide.

As much as any single match result tonight, what can be taken away from Survivor Series 2011 may be the fact that the most powerful force in WWE is you, our fans who comprise the WWE Universe worldwide.

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