The odd couples: Unlikely, shocking and just plain weird pairings

The odd couples: Unlikely, shocking and just plain weird pairings

When the WWE Universe learned The Rock would pair with John Cena at Survivor Series, questions swirled if they could possibly co-exist. After closer inspection, the unlikely pairing wasn't such a crazy idea after all (WHY ROCK AND CENA MAKE A GREAT TEAM).

However, before The Rock and Cena team up on Nov. 20, looks back at some of the couplings in history that are indeed odd.


 Chris Jericho & The Rock
Jericho & The Rock, side-by-side? Just one night prior to teaming together, Jericho had defeated the Brahma Bull for the WCW Championship. But as WCW & ECW invaded WWE, the two put aside their differences to capture the World Tag Team Titles. Shortly after losing them, though, the rivalry started up again for the WCW Championship.

Bennett-GagaTony Bennett & Lady Gaga
If you told us a Vegas crooner in his mid-80s could make beautiful music with the “Poker Face” vamp who once wore a dress made of meat, we’d have to wonder if your head had been recently paired with multiple turnbuckles. But when you hear this doubtful duo belt out “The Lady is a Tramp,” you cast all aspersions aside – at least those about Bennett.

Shawn-AustinShawn Michaels & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Bitter rivals through most of their careers in WWE, "Stone Cold" and HBK put aside their differences in 1997 and won the World Tag Team Titles. Nine months after losing them, the on-again, off-again tandem was off for good, as Austin challenged Michaels for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XIV.

Felix-OscarFelix & Oscar
Be it Randall & Klugman, Lemmon & Mathau or Broderick & Lane (forget Glass & Wilson; they were terrible), Neil Simon's saga of a neat-freak and a slob trying to share an apartment without driving each other crazy is the hands-down champion of tag team comedy.

Booker-GoldustBooker T & Goldust

Long before he reigned as King Booker, the former World Champion teamed with Goldust to form one of the most memorable tandems in WWE history. Their barking banter out of the ring was as smooth as their in-ring chemistry, leading to one reign as World Tag Team Champions. Now, can you dig THAT, Suckaaaa!

Peanut butter cupsReese's Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate and peanut butter? Two great tastes, tasting great together? Who knew?



Love-AustinDude Love & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
When Mankind attempted to team with “Stone Cold” and challenge for the World Tag Team Titles, The Rattlesnake refused, opting to go alone into his match. So, out of Mick Foley's past came the coolest dude with attitude, Dude Love! Austin & Dude Love won the titles, and the era of the Dude in WWE was born. Have Mercy!

SpockSpock & Kirk
One rejects human emotion and employs unbridled logic in his decisions. The other commands purely on gut instinct and hammy dialogue. Together, though, they are the galaxy’s best line of defense against those that threaten it in the 23rd Century. So long as they don’t start comparing their mating rituals or success rate, they’ll get along just fine.

Hart-GoldbergBret Hart & Bill Goldberg
This combination goes down as one of the most baffling in sports-entertainment history. Bret defeated Goldberg for the U.S. Title. Goldberg challenged Bret for the WCW Heavyweight Championship. In between occurrences, they teamed to win tag team gold. And it gets weirder: Goldberg caused Bret Hart's career-ending injury. He screwed Bret!

Rocky-ApolloRocky Balboa & Apollo Creed
They had two epic battles in the ring which crowned Rocky as boxing's Heavyweight Champion. (see, "Yo Adrian, I did it!") But nobody could have predicted Apollo training the "Italian Stallion" for his rematch with Clubber Lang in Rocky III.

Mankind-KaneMankind & Kane
Both Superstars were crazy about dishing out punishment, but each in a different way. While Kane loved to inflict pain on others, Mankind's pleasure came from self-mutilation. Together, however, they were a formidable double creature-feature, and they captured the World Tag Team Championship by defeating the New Age Outlaws.

Ranger-TontoThe Lone Ranger & Tonto
In the Old West, a masked cowboy and a Native American riding side-by-side to the "William Tell Overture" just wasn't natural. But nothing could stop these crime-fighting kimosabes from hunting down outlaws in those thrilling days of yesteryear. Hi-yo, Silver! 

Shawn - CenaShawn Michaels & John Cena
Michaels & Cena became World Tag Team Champions while opposing each other on the Road to WrestleMania 23. They had each other's backs, at least for a short while. But this powder keg blew up big-time on Raw a day after their WrestleMania bout, when HBK's Sweet Chin Music to the WWE Champion cost them the tag titles.

BoggsWade Boggs & The 1996 New York Yankees
Long before he inducted "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig into the WWE Hall of Fame, Boggs himself had a Hall of Fame career in baseball. After most of his career was spent living with the "Curse of the Bambino" as a Red Sox, Beantown fans groaned for about 8 years as Boggs celebrated his first (and only) World Series ring as a Bronx Bomber.

MVP & Matt HardyMVP & Matt Hardy
MVP was all about "ballin'" - and bawlin' about Matt Hardy's bid to capture his United States Title. He thought that might change when he and Hardy were forced into a WWE Tag Team Title Match - and won. It didn't. This diametric duo spent months as champions, but Matt never gave up on taking the U.S. Title from MVP (and eventually did).

Devito-ArnoldDanny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger
In the 1988 movie Twins, the former Governor of California teamed with legendary comic Danny DeVito to form an unlikely tandem. Arnold's "Julius" was the goody-good to DeVito's career criminal "Vince." Against all odds, they muscled their way up to the top of the box office. Girly Man!

Mankind-RockMankind & The Rock

Affectionately known as "The Rock 'N' Sock Connection," our fans worldwide loved the pairing of Mankind & The Rock. They defeated Undertaker & Big Show to capture the World Tag Team Championship, but the real gold came when Mankind presented The Rock with "Mr. Rocko," a jacket and a trip down memory lane – Have a Nice Day!

Salt-PepperSalt & Pepper
Not since oil & vinegar have confectionary goods had at it this much. For centuries, these granular gladiators have stared each other down on kitchen tables everywhere, yet they still somehow manage to condiment – oops, compliment each other. They also performed at WrestleMania XI – wait, that was Salt-N-Pepa. 

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