John Cena’s Greatest Garden Conquests

John Cena’s Greatest Garden Conquests

John Cena returns to Madison Square Garden on Nov. 20 for Survivor Series, where he will team up with The Rock to take on The “Awesome Truth.” His epic team-up with The Great One may have a “never before, never again” feeling about it, but Cena has spent plenty of time at MSG in the past. The raucous New York City crowd is known to devour sports-entertainment, and historically has brought out the best in The Cenation Commander-in-Chief. In fact, some of his brightest moments have taken place at the Garden. looks back at some of those past successes.

Mar. 14, 2004
At WrestleMania XX, John Cena made his WrestleMania debut to challenge Big Show for the WWE United States Championship. After surviving an early onslaught from The World’s Largest Athlete, Cena was able to turn the tide and momentum of the match. Employing hidden brass knuckles and finishing with a devastating Attitude Adjustment, he took the giant's championship in front of an astounded capacity Madison Square Garden crowd. Cena’s superlative performance made it very clear that he had much more to show WWE fans at the Mecca of entertainment.

Sep. 11, 2006
On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, John Cena returned to the Garden for Raw. It was an emotional night for all, beginning with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives five years before. Chants of “USA” broke out all night, as the passionate and patriotic crowd made its presence known. In a punishing and lengthy Six-Man Tag Team Match, Cena led his team of Superstars to victory against the likes of Rated-RKO. Continuing his successful run in New York City, he thrilled the thousands of WWE fans in attendance and millions watching all over the world on this important and affecting night.

Jan. 27, 2008
The Royal Rumble Match – the second at the Garden in the pay-per-view’s history - was a stirring and remarkable affair for the 20,000 fans in attendance. After incredible action and shockers during the entrance (and subsequent exit) of 29 competitors, Cena walked out as the 30th and final entrant, making a miraculous recovery and return from a serious pectoral injury. The capacity crowd exploded and the action in the ring stopped as all watched the Cenation leader make his triumphant homecoming to the squared circle. Ring rust was not an issue, as he nailed the 29th entrant, Triple H, with an Attitude Adjustment and tossed him over the top rope eight and a half minutes later. The crowd went crazy as this victory booked Cena a World Championship Match at WrestleMania XXIV. (PHOTOS)

Nov. 16. 2009
Madison Square Garden has had its share of Superstar icons competing throughout its storied history, but perhaps never more so than a Triple Threat Tag Team Match on Raw, when WWE Champion Cena joined forces with World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker to take on DX and “Jerishow” (Chris Jericho & Big Show). The World Champions would prevail in this colossal clash when Cena caught his old foe Triple H with an Attitude Adjustment. After the match, The Phenom, perhaps to show how little he felt he needed his partner’s help, performed a Tombstone on the vulnerable and exhausted Cena. It was a proud night for Cena, even if he did receive a rude reminder of just how much of a loner The Undertaker is. (PHOTOS)

Between a World Championship victory and epic tag team matches, Madison Square Garden has been very good to John Cena. However, the Garden has also been good to the man he is teaming up with at Survivor Series. To find out how, click here for The Rock's Greatest MSG Moments.

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