WWE vs. Marvel: A matter of survival

WWE vs. Marvel: A matter of survival

The key to survival - if comparing WWE Superstars and Marvel Comics' greatest characters - is none other than The World's Strongest Comic Book Fan, Mark Henry.

Between Survivor Series live this Sunday on pay-per-view and Marvel's "Fall of the Hulks" massive storyline this December, only a Superstar as mighty as Henry could possibly endure the weight of both colossal events.

This is why Marvel.com selected The World's Strongest Man to discuss a potential Traditional Elimination Tag Match clash between both entertainment realms, featuring WWE's ring warriors and the strongest, smartest and toughest Hulk characters in the Marvel Universe. (Read the full story)

Get the match by match predictions of the 400-pound pummeler now on Marvel.com, days before his participation on Kofi Kingston's five-man Survivor Series team.

Plus, be sure to get all the latest details on one of Henry's most anticipated comic reads - December's "Fall of the Hulks" - on Marvel.com.

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