What makes it Hell?

What makes it Hell?

Hell in a Cell isn't just a catchy name; ask anyone who has ever stepped inside the structure, and they'll quickly confirm that. But the question is: Why is it so dangerous? What makes Hell in a Cell one of the most -- if not THE most -- feared matches in WWE?

If you asked any former Hell in a Cell participant that question, they might have different answers. Undertaker knows all too well what makes the Cell so dangerous, as Survivor Series will be his record eighth trip through Hell.

However, when WWE.com caught up with a few other former Cell victims, one common thread rang through their answers.

"It's dangerous because there are no rules," two-time combatant Shawn Michaels quipped. "You're trapped, but not just in the ring. The Cell surrounds the whole ringside area, so you still have the floor and access to plenty of other hardware. In a match like a Street Fight, you can get away from the potential beating you will take; postpone it, if you will. Inside the Cell, you have to face it and endure it. There's nowhere to go until it's over."

Triple H, who has been to Hell seven times and fought both with and against Michaels inside the Cell, concurred.

"There's no escape from that unforgiving structure, and even when guys have gotten out, they only ended up in worse shape," The Game noted. "You can get to things under the ring, but there's no place to run when your opponent gets there first. It's the most brutal match in WWE, and the one match across the board that will take time off your career."

With his eighth Hell in a Cell Match upcoming, Undertaker has plenty of knowledge about what the Cell can do. According to Randy Orton, however, facing The Deadman only makes the specter of the match worse for the opponent.

"When I was in Hell in a Cell against Undertaker, it was hard to sleep leading up to the match because I had seen what can happen in there," the WWE Champion recalled. "Not one man left that Cell without being battered, broken and bruised. When you leave that match, you're exhausted, because you don't know what to expect."

Batista has only been in one previous Hell in the Cell Match, but he also has the distinction of being the first Superstar to defeat Triple H inside the Cell. Just from one experience though, The Animal knows the dangers that lie ahead.

"It's the most grueling match in our industry because anything goes," he said. "You can't really go into the Cell with the same mindset as a normal match. You know you're going to get bloodied, beaten and hurt, but you don't know to what extent. You just have to block out your fears and your pain, and be willing to put it all on the line."

Orton couldn't defeat The Deadman inside Hell in a Cell; for Michaels, it took enduring a brutal, half-hour plus beating and some help from the debuting Kane. What does Hell have in store for Batista & Undertaker when they step inside the steel this Sunday?

The answer remains to be revealed, but regardless of what happens, neither man will ever be the same.

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