Divide to conquer?

Divide to conquer?

As ECW Champion CM Punk is well aware, surviving a Triple Threat Match is one thing, but surviving with the ECW Title still around his tattooed waist is a completely different task -- especially when his opponents are two ruthless individuals like The Miz and John Morrison.

Recovering from an unexpected dual attack by the Shaman of Sexy and the self-touted "chick magnet," the Straightedge Champion explained that his perception of his challengers hasn't altered since Tuesday night on ECW on Sci Fi.

"This doesn't change my game plan or preparation," Punk said, still favoring his bruised limbs. "I was always fighting two guys that have had a loose partnership that may be a little more solidified now. It doesn't deter me."

For weeks, the Tuesday Night Delight and the faux-hawked ladies man were in hot contention to receive an ECW Championship opportunity. Stemming back to the weeks prior to Cyber Sunday, the two self-loving Superstars bashed one another in attempts to garner our fans' votes, as fans determined who would battle Punk for the title.

The Miz won the ballot, but failed to secure the ECW Championship at Cyber Sunday. One week later, Morrison found himself with his own chance to reclaim the gold, live on ECW on Sci Fi. Thanks to Miz, who played the role of Mad Hatter that night, the Shaman was unsuccessful as Punk pinned him in the center of the ring.

Despite a history of ill will between the ECW competitors, their hatred seemed to have been subsided on Tuesday night. Will this cohesion prove to be temporary this Sunday on pay-per-view? The Straightedge Champion believes so.

"I have to rely on the fact that those two can't get along," he claimed. "I know that deep down they don't like each other as much as I don't like them. If The Miz and Morrison are going to try to team up to take me out, only one of them could win. That's obviously to my advantage."

One element of Punk's title defense that is not to his advantage is the unique set of rules of a Triple Threat Match. On Sunday, the champion doesn't even need to be pinned to lose the contest and, along with it, the gold.

"I'm the champion going into this match, and they don't even have to beat me to take the ECW Title from me. That does suck," the Straightedge Superstar frankly stated. "I could wind up being undefeated after Survivor Series, but yet no longer the champion. I will definitely have to stay on my toes."

The inked ECW Superstar will be walking into what appears to be a disadvantageous position at Survivor Series. Despite the literal title of the match, however, the Straightedge Champion is not threatened -- just focused and intent on leaving Miami's American Airlines Arena with the gold in place.

"The bottom line is that either [Miz or Morrison] can be ECW Champion at Survivor Series," CM Punk admitted. "But, that's not something either of them wants to see happen to the other."

The astute champion declared, "I'm going to let them beat each other and pick up the pieces. I think they will try to one-up each other -- and that will ultimately be their downfall."

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