No Sweet Chin Music at Survivor Series

No Sweet Chin Music at Survivor Series

As first seen on WWE Mobile on AT&T, Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music will be barred in his WWE Championship Match against Randy Orton.

Raw GM William Regal granted WWE Champion Randy Orton's request to ban Sweet Chin Music after Michaels knocked him out Monday night for the fifth week in a row. Under the stipulation at Survivor Series, if HBK uses, or attempts to use, his lethal trademark move, the match will be stopped immediately. He will be disqualified and never get another opportunity at Orton's WWE Title.

However, the Legend Killer is not off the hook. On the heels of his blatant disqualification at Cyber Sunday against HBK, if Orton is disqualified at Survivor Series, or appears to attempt to get disqualified, he will lose the WWE Championship.

See how these stipulations came to be in the AT&T After the Bell exclusive video now.

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