Instant Access with Melina

After failing in her bid to capture the Women's Championship from Trish Stratus at Survivor Series, Melina joined Instant Access to talk about the RAW Divas, her boys and more. Does your loss to Trish mean that RAW's Divas are superior?
Melina: No way. I'm still obviously the most dominant Diva in WWE -- in fact in WWE history. The only reason Trish won was because she had Mickie James by her side. It took two girls to beat me. If she wasn't in there, it would have been a different story. Do you think SmackDown should have its own version of the Women's Championship?
Melina: Yes. I feel that if SmackDown had one, it would be far better than RAW's. Trish brings the value down. As champion, I would boost it up. I don't think it's fair that Trish has the championship and I don't have the same opportunity. SmackDown girls can definitely give RAW a run for its money. On SmackDown, the girls are hotter, sexier and more dominant in the ring. Is your pursuit to become Women's Champion now over?
Melina: No way. Not at all. My boys have the gold. I deserve to have the gold as well.  


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