Instant Access with Edge

After announcing his new segment The Cutting Edge, Edge joined Instant Access to talk about the show, Dmitri Young and more. What can we expect from The Cutting Edge?
Edge: What you can expect is the truth. Throughout my career I haven't hid from the truth, I've confronted it. Confronted it to the point where people like Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, haven't always liked it. But I don't care. You see, I've dubbed myself the rated-R Superstar because I'm controversial. I'm actually the worst person that the WWE could have given a live mic with no censor to ... or maybe the best. Why didn't you take it to Dmitri Young?
Edge: Well, I took it to him verbally. I have no reason to soil my hands with Dmitri Young. Who is he? He's a chumpstain who I'd wipe the mat with. You see, I have bigger fish to fry. And you guessed that it involves the WWE Championship ... because I am Mr. Money in the Bank.


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