A family affair for SmackDown

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday of the year. Not only do I get to stuff myself with mom's home cooking, watch football and drink beers until I pass out on the couch with my pants unbuttoned, but I also get to catch up with members of my family that I don't get to see too often. Because I'm often traveling from city to city with WWE, I very rarely have the opportunity to spend time with my aunts, uncles and cousins. But I make sure they get their full dose of Scully every year at Thanksgiving.

I'm not the only WWE employee that will be joined by family this holiday season. It turns out that this year at Survivor Series, SmackDown will be visited by an uncle they have been seeing a lot of in recent weeks -- Uncle Mo (of course, Uncle Mo isn't the old man's God-given name. His birth certificate says Uncle Momentum).

With Uncle Mo at their side this Sunday, there is no doubt in my mind that Team SmackDown will be walking away from Survivor Series with the winner's portion of the purse. What? You don't agree? Is it because Big Show and Kane softened up Batista some more this past Tuesday at the SmackDown television taping? Well, if that's the case, you're just being naïve.

Remember the old adage about being doomed to repeat history if we don't learn from it? It appears as though our friends Big Show and Kane were absent that day. The way I see it, the World Tag Team Champions' attack on The Animal just further fueled SmackDown's fire. Think about it -- what happened Monday night when Show and Kane sent Batista through a car windshield? He came firing back later that night, leaving the tag champs decimated on the arena floor. And this came just weeks after Show and Kane thought they finished off Batista with a sneak attack on SmackDown. Apparently, they riled him up more than they finished him off. I expect a lot more of that same piss and vinegar out of the World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series.

Speaking of history and momentum, let's not forget that it has been SmackDown that has been threatening RAW's flagship status for months now. Some would even argue that the Blueshirts have taken over as WWE's top program, myself included. It all started the week before Taboo Tuesday when Uncle Mo first knocked on SmackDown's door. Sure, SmackDown was able to best RAW in events prior to this time, but from where I sit, Oct. 24 was the start of SmackDown's roll.

It was at the Oct. 24 RAW that JBL and fellow Team Survivor Series member Rey Mysterio outsmarted RAW's Chris Masters, Edge and Lita (by the way, I just love how JBL and Rey can put their differences aside for the pride of Friday nights). After luring Masters out to the parking lot area, Mysterio attacked Edge and Lita from behind. The SmackDown Superstar even hit Lita with his patented 619. From that point on, Uncle Mo has taken up residence in SmackDown's extra bedroom.

The following week at Taboo Tuesday -- a RAW pay-per-view, by the way -- SmackDown embarrassed the Monday night crew, not once, but twice when Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio turned back Masters and Snitsky; and Batista tore through Vader and Goldust en route to toppling Coach.

From that point on, RAW tried time and time again to regain the momentum, as chronicled above, but every time they sent their plan of attack in motion, Batista managed to bounce back even stronger than ever. That said, why should I believe that Survivor Series will be any different?

My money's on Team SmackDown and Uncle Mo.

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