Koko B. Ware's Survivor Series Picks

Koko B. Ware makes his Survivor Series picks

Koko B. Ware has been a part of several Survivor Series events throughout his WWE career. In fact, in 1990, Koko was a part of the match that saw Undertaker make his debut. This week, WWE.com caught up with "The Bird Man" to get his thoughts on this year's version of the November classic. 

Trish Stratus vs. Melina for the Women's Championship
Koko's Predicition: Trish Stratus
"Trish is hot right now, and I think she's on a roll. She'll take it."

Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long
Koko's Prediction: Eric Bischoff
"I really think Bischoff will take care of Long. Theodore isn't a wrestler or a even a brawler. Bischoff's been around, and he's been in the ring before, so he has the edge. The fans may not think much of him, but he's dangerous."

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship
Koko's Prediction: Kurt Angle
"I think Kurt's going to win. Daivari throws a curveball in there, and that'll be the difference. They're both fantastic wrestlers, but I think Kurt will take it. The fans will get a great match no matter what, and I wish I was in either of their shoes right now."

Ric Flair vs. Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match
Koko's Prediction: Triple H
"I think Triple H will take it. Ric Flair's a horse, but I don't think he can win. I look at it this way: even if a horse like Flair has been running races for a long time, eventually a younger, better horse like Triple H is going to come along. The old horse may still win a few, like Flair did at Taboo Tuesday, but that younger horse is eventually going to send the older one out to pasture. Flair may come back and demolish Triple H, you never can tell, but I think the younger horse is going to win this race." 

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown, 5-on-5 Classic Survivor Series Match
Koko's Prediction: Team RAW
"I have to go with Shawn Michaels and Team RAW. He's a legend, but man, he can still go. Batista's got a bright future ahead of him, Orton's got a bright future as well, but potential won't win this match. Michaels has been there and done that, and will lead his team to victory."

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