Backstage Buzz at Survivor Series

Batista is not the only "Animal" in Motown tonight. Detroit Tiger Dmitri Young and his entourage have been spotted in The Joe Louis Arena. Rumor has it that Young chartered a plane specifically to be in the front row tonight at Survivor Series. Since his arrival, Dmitri and his crew have been meeting some of the RAW and SmackDown Superstars backstage.

As I was walking the halls backstage earlier, I noticed the door to Eric Bischoff's office was closed. I found this intriguing, as the GM normally has an open-door policy in the hours leading up to show time. As I got closer, I heard voices inside the office. Because this was so out of the ordinary, I stayed close to the office, hoping to find out some news. I thought maybe Bischoff was meeting with his production crew before the show, or maybe giving Team RAW a motivational speech. Neither of these scenarios was the case, however. As the door opened, Kurt Angle and Daivari walked out with huge smiles on their faces. They both shook hands with the General Manager, and walked back to their locker room with very confident looks on their faces.

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