Droz's picks for SummerSlam

Droz's picks for SummerSlam

 Hello everyone out there, I hope that you have had a wonderful summer.  I have to say that this has been a great summer so far.  Except for the last two weeks of hot and humid weather, we've had the mildest summer we've had in a long time in New Jersey. Right now, we are having a heat wave but that must be because we are heating up for SummerSlam, baby! Well everyone, let's get ready for the big time and see what we can do with these picks.

D-Generation X vs. The Legacy
I have to say that I really miss the original DX, they were wrestling when I was involved in this wonderful business … they had Road Dog, Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Chyna, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They were surely a sight to see, but I have to admit I really enjoy seeing The Game and Shawn at it once again. These two really know how to put on a show and The Legacy members are definitely going to be worse for wear because of this.  The Legacy's attack on DX the other night on Raw is only going to fuel the fire. DX will be on the top of their game and will come out with their hands raised. 

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena
Randy Orton is probably one of the best out there at this time. I can honestly say that just looking at him on the TV that you can feel the arrogance and entitlement and wonder just what limits he will go to in order to continue to hold onto his title. On the flip side, Cena is the polar opposite of Randy Orton. When I see him, I see someone who loves every minute of what he is doing and loves nothing better that to entertain his droves of fans.  While all of this is great, the simple fact is these two truly have a hatred for one another and when they enter the ring on Sunday, that will be plainly obvious.  I think it is time for Cena to once again regain the gold and run with it.

World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
I will say it right now, this will be the match of the night. Jeff Hardy is the master of these matches and with CM Punk involved, this could be one for the ages. These two men always give their all in the ring, but it takes a special type to be able to compete in this type of match...these two fit the bill perfectly. This match will be in and out of the ring, fast-paced and just all around fun for everyone (excluding the wrestler's bodies when it is all said and done!)  Jeff just won the title and it's not going to be leaving his hands anytime soon, he will remain champ.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler
Well, I wrote him off last time and Ziggler proved me wrong. This time I am not writing him off, but he is wrestling Rey, so although I don't see him winning I think he and Rey will put on one hell of a match. Ziggler really has impressed me with his time in the ring and down the road we will be seeing a lot more of him, but on this night Rey will be victorious.

ECW Champion Christian vs. William Regal
Regal has revamped his career once again, bringing his hard as nails European style into the ring. Christian brings loads of experience and has been champion many times before. Anytime you are in the ring with Regal you are never safe, he always has tricks up his sleeve and will surely use them at the drop of a hat.  Although this will be a hard-fought battle, Christian will have his hand raised at the end of this match and retain the ECW Title.

Cryme Tyme vs. Unified Tag Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show
With Big Show and Jericho holding the Unified Tag Team Championship, I think we are hard-pressed to find a tag team that can match their power, size and ring smarts. I think that these young Cryme Tyme boys can pull out a victory as long as they take Big Show down early and work on Jericho to fulfill their dream of becoming Tag Team Champions. So, when the smoke clears, we will have new Unified Champs.

The Great Khali vs. Kane
Going from experience, Kane is a handful in the ring. Of course, I've never met Khali in the ring, and I'm very thankful for that! He is one massive human being who has improved over time.  With Kane being the smaller man here it seems to me that his quickness is going to be a very integral part of this match. Power on power is definitely not the way to go with this one, and Kane will come out and put the big man down, getting the 1-2-3. 

Jack Swagger vs. MVP
Swagger has shown us so much since the time he has been in WWE. I do really enjoy his style of wrestling and his style may be the only thing that gets him through this match with MVP. Being a stellar amateur wrestler has kept Swagger on the winning side for most of his short career. With MVP, he will have to use all of his tricks to try to pin this explosive star.  Though I talk a lot about Swagger, I feel that MVP is going to find a way to pull this one out and have his hand raised in the end.

Well everyone, the picks are in, the summer is almost over and it's hot as hell outside. First off, let me say that this year is just flying by and I figure by the time that I finish this article, it will be close to January! I'm hoping to be able to get out this Friday and catch my brother-in-law play in his band at a local watering hole. I missed him already a few times this year because of the heat, and I am hoping that it's cool enough for me to get out there. Being paralyzed I am not able to regulate my body temperature and I overheat very quickly.  So hopefully, I will be able to get out there and have a tasty beverage or two. 

I would like to send my condolences out to a friend of mine, she had to put her dog Mable down this past week and I know that it can be a very hard thing to do. Back on April 25, I had to put one of my Great Danes down, Navarra, who was 7 ½ years old at the time. She had a previous neck problem and when that flared up again, she ended up with other problems and I had to put her down. It was a really hard thing to do and it really sucked. But although I still miss her, I still have her sister Oreo to bring me joy and make me laugh. 

I'd also like to send my thoughts and prayers out to our troops and their families worldwide. 

Until Next Time…
Droz -- Peace

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