Zack Ryder unboxes throwback WWE action figures on YouTube

Zack Ryder unboxes throwback WWE action figures on YouTube

We’re not sure what Zack Ryder enjoys more: Tearing into opponents on SmackDown Live! or tearing into packaging to get his hands on the latest action figures and collectibles.

Weeks after “Zack Daddy” went on an enviable toy shopping spree at San Diego Comic-Con International, Ryder snagged Mattel’s SummerSlam-centric  WWE action figure series, celebrating the rich history of The Biggest Event of the Summer. The former United States Champion took to YouTube to geek out over the throwback selection of toy Superstars, which includes The Undertaker, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, The British Bulldog and Batista.

At the conclusion of the clip, Ryder comes to terms with the fact that he does not have a SummerSlam match this Sunday — a disservice that was later rectified when revealed he would be partnering with his fellow Hype Bro Mojo Rawley in a massive 12-Man Tag Team Match during the SummerSlam Kickoff. Was this a coincidence, or were SmackDown Live! Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan somehow influenced by Ryder’s toy review? We like to imagine the latter.

Check out Ryder’s look at Mattel’s new SummerSlam action figure series below.

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