Does Triple H’s referee position this Sunday spell more trouble for Cena or Bryan?

Does Triple H’s referee position this Sunday spell more trouble for Cena or Bryan?

This past Monday on Raw, Triple H dropped a bombshell – and a Pedigree. Stopping Mr. McMahon from declaring Raw General Manager Brad Maddox as the special guest referee for  SummerSlam’s main event between WWE Champion John Cena and Daniel Bryan, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer gave himself the job – before putting his exclamation point on his pronouncement by nailing Maddox with his searing finishing maneuver.

Watch: The Game declares himself referee and Pedigrees Maddox

Interestingly enough, both Cena and Bryan have been on the wrong side of Triple H’s rulings in the past. The last contest The Game refereed was the Undisputed WWE Championship Match between Cena and CM Punk at SummerSlam 2011, when he controversially counted the Cenation leader’s shoulders to the canvas despite the fact that he had gotten his foot onto the rope just before the three-count. In Bryan’s case, Triple H used his authority as a WWE executive to stop a very intense match between the submission specialist and Randy Orton on the June 17 edition of Raw for the submission specialist’s “wellbeing” after he suffered a stinger – resulting in  a heated exchange between the two in the aftermath.

Despite Triple H stating he will be impartial, both The Champ and his No. 1 contender could claim to have been wronged when he was at the helm.

Who do you think will be affected most by the “Game”-changing referee this Sunday?  Vote to make your voice heard and tune in this Sunday to see not only who leaves STAPLES Center with the WWE Championship, but what role WWE’s COO plays in the outcome.

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