After suffering the savagery of The Wyatt Family, where is Kane?

After suffering the savagery of The Wyatt Family, where is Kane?

Even a blazing ring of fire couldn’t stop The Wyatt Family from unleashing a brutal beating on Kane at SummerSlam. Following a hard-fought match that saw Erick Rowan and Luke Harper storm the flame-encircled ring — with the aid of an asbestos blanket — to overwhelm The Big Red Monster and help Bray Wyatt seal the fiery victory, the “Eater of Worlds” withdrew to his rocking chair, where he watched his massive followers viciously batter Kane’s head with two sets of steel steps.

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After pounding Kane into unconsciousness, Wyatt’s menacing sycophants dragged the former WWE Champion’s limp body away, out of STAPLES Center, and he hasn’t been seen since. But where has Kane been taken? What has The Wyatt Family done with him?

The Devil’s Favorite Demon could be recovering at a local trauma facility, as he was forced to after  the clan’s shocking debut attack on Raw on July 8. Or, perhaps more sinisterly, the mysterious trio could have taken Kane to some clandestine location, such as their creepy backwoods compound.

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On the other hand, the monstrous 7-footer was born in fire and has returned from sadistic attacks at the hands of The Wyatt Family and many other dangerous Superstars in the past. Perhaps he is healing and regrouping before launching himself on a blistering trail of vengeance.

In the wake of such a devastating assault, however, is it possible that Kane has decided to leave WWE altogether? Even though he is one of the toughest, most durable Superstars in WWE history, the thrashing The Wyatt Family put on him would surely beat many Superstars into retirement.

Although the questions of The Big Red Monster’s whereabouts and condition remain, it is clear that The Wyatt Family has forced Kane to “follow the buzzards” into the unknown.

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