Edge's SummerSlam Diary

Diary of a madman: Edge
By Brandon Campbell with photos by Eric Johnson & Scott Brinegar

Simply put, Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist. He has lived up to that moniker ever since arriving to WWE in the summer of 1998. Whether you look at it as a positive or negative reference, one can't discredit his sports-entertainment accomplishments, accolades the Rated-R Superstar felt were destined to occur.

In high school Edge was voted "Most Likely to win the World Heavyweight Championship." He's done that three times already, along with capturing two WWE Championships and is the only Superstar to become Mr. Money in the Bank twice. This may explain when the 6-foot-5, 240-pound Superstar struts to the ring on SmackDown, there's an arrogant and sinister aura that surrounds him, as if he owns the "blue brand."

Although he's held numerous WWE titles, has experienced "good times" with some of the most beautiful women on the planet and is a best-selling author, it's irrelevant right now. Tonight at SummerSlam, the Ultimate Opportunist faces his biggest challenge yet when he faces the Superstar he banished from WWE two months ago at One Night Stand, the reinstated and returning Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match.

Edge's rivalry with The Phenom began in May 2007, when Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to defeat an already fatigued and bludgeoned Undertaker to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. The Master Manipulator thought his days of worrying about The Phenom ended at One Night Stand, but when WWE Champion Triple H revealed video of Edge cheating on his wife, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, on the eve of their wedding day, Vickie reinstated Undertaker. To get even more revenge on Edge, Vickie revealed that at SummerSlam, Undertaker would go one-on-one with her husband in the "Devil's Playground."

Ever since Vickie's declaration "hell has no fury over a woman scorned," Edge has become a much darker and sadistic Superstar. The WWE Universe has watched as the Ultimate Opportunist's inner demons lead him to viciously decimate Mick Foley, Con-Chair-To best man Chavo Guerrero, promise to drag Vickie to "Hell" with him and show The Undertaker the "purest form of 'Hell' he's ever been in."

You think you know him? We doubt it. WWE.com will attempt to crack the enigma of the Rated-R Superstar throughout the day leading up to his Hell in a Cell Match at SummerSlam with the returning Undertaker in this Diary exclusive.


10:49 p.m. Dance with the Devil?








For more than a year, Edge has celebrated being the one Superstar to have manpowered Undertaker. The Master Manipulator has prided himself with costing The Phenom the World Heavyweight Championship and banishing The Deadman from WWE. When Vickie Guerrero reinstated Undertaker and told her husband that "hell has no fury," who would have thought her declaration could be so powerful. Edge became a madman and tortured his wife and closest associates. There's a fear of death, but a meeting with the devil usurps your soul. Was tonight Edge's destiny?


10:43 p.m. Deadman reigns supreme








Although Edge gave it all he had, he fell short of putting Undertaker to rest.



10:29 p.m. Edge back to form







For Edge, you don't become a five-time World Champion by folding before great challenges. The Rated-R Superstar rises to the occasion and gives audience members a great performance. Edge spears Undertaker through the 20-foot-high, 5-ton steel cage.



10:20 p.m. Canadian Psycho






The demons that have engulfed Edge over the past few weeks resurface as the Master Manipulator steps into the ring for one of the most brutal matches of his career.



7:51 p.m., Rated-R Blog






The WWE Universe was given the ultimate opportunity to ask Edge questions in a SummerSlam Live Blog. The Master Manipulator pulled himself together to answer questions on pre-match rituals, his favorite hockey team and World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. When one person asked the Rated-R Superstar why he cheated on Vickie, he stopped typing, slammed the laptop shut, and stormed out of the room without answering. Despite the abrupt ending, Edge's first-ever Live Blog was a success.


2:43 p.m., Devil's Playground




Some of WWE's most vicious matches have occurred inside this covered structure of unforgiving steel. Tonight will be The Deadman's ninth bout inside the demonic structure, which Edge is very much aware of. This is the Rated-R Superstar's first Hell in a Cell Match. However, Edge is no stranger to the match. Last November at Survivor Series, Edge cost Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista when he made a surprise return during The Phenom and The Animal's Hell in a Cell Match. Edge, disguised as a cameraman, pulled the referee out of the ring and assaulted Undertaker with a video camera -- and a horrendous Con-Chair-To on the steel steps. The Master Manipulator takes it all in. "I'm not thinking of anything fun, right now," Edge uttered. "This is the most brutal match I'll ever be in."



12:58 p.m., A Rated-R Superstar arrival


Edge arrives at Indianapolis' Conseco Fieldhouse still in a zone, without a word being uttered from his lips, or the usual confident smirk that has become his trademark. The only sound comes from his matching orange suitcase rolling across the concrete floor. Edge is focused on one thing -- Hell in a Cell. 



12:31 p.m., There he is!




His cover is blown when one "Edgehead" spots him and asks for an autograph, which the Ultimate Opportunist signs. Without saying a word, Edge gets into his off-white Cadillac CTS luxury vehicle and speeds off. 



12:27 p.m., Edge out!




On his way out, Edge exits the hotel through the back door to avoid media attention. The Rated-R Superstar, sporting dark sunglasses, blue designer jeans and a gray T-shirt with the words "Sons of Danger" embroidered across the front, does a good job of being incognito.



11:53 a.m., The madness begins






Upon entering the room of a man famously known as the Rated-R Superstar, always knock before entering. But, since Edge has displayed the type of spontaneously insane behavior he has over the past few weeks, one should follow suit with cautiousness. In his Indianapolis hotel suite, clothes are sprawled around the room. In the bathroom are foggy mirrors. Nowhere in sight is Edge's wife, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, who has grown terrified of her husband. Edge sits in his chair contemplating one thing: Hell in a Cell. "I woke up pretty nervous about what may take place tonight. There's a good chance [the cell itself] could really hurt," Edge said. "I'm not fearful at all of The Undertaker. I'm ready for Hell in a Cell."


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