Point-Counterpoint: Regal says King Booker is real royalty

Point-Counterpoint: Regal says King Booker is real royalty

As a former member of King Booker's royal court on SmackDown, Raw GM William Regal knows the former World Heavyweight Champion well. And as a native of England, Regal is a unique authority on what makes a true king. As Regal sipped on Earl Grey tea, WWE.com recently caught up with him and got his thoughts on Sunday's SummerSlam matchup between King Booker and The King of Kings, Triple H.


Hailing from a country so rich in royalty, why do you believe that King Booker is the true King of WWE?

King Booker has nobility about him. A normal man doesn't see it. Someone like myself who understands true royalty, sees that. It comes out of his pores. Triple H, he's not a king. With a nose as big as his, you can't be a King. You know what I mean? King Booker just has that special something. I can't help it; being from a country where we have to have royalty, it's just brilliant to me. As soon I see him walking down the hall I start bowing. I can't help it. I'm like one of those bobbing ducks that go up and down in the water. King Booker just has that something about him.

So is it just the manner in which King Booker carries himself?

His wardrobe is wonderful as well, beautiful, beautiful clothes.

Does King Booker's victory at the King of the Ring in 2006 alone cement his claim to the throne?

It does, yes. I mean, the King of the Ring was just made for someone like King Booker, wasn't it? There was no question that he was going to win that. And I was part of his royal court last year when I was on SmackDown, so there's no question the man is just a superior being.

So, are you expecting the question of who is the one true king to be settled at SummerSlam?

Without a doubt. Triple H has no chance, no chance whatsoever.


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