Also in 1989

The following events also occurred in 1989...

The Berlin Wall falls on Nov. 9.

Arsenio Hall becomes the first African American nightly talk show host.

The Cold War comes to an end.

The Exxon oil spill off the coast of Alaska becomes the top environmental concern.

The Tienanmen Square protest leaves thousands dead in China.

The pizza-loving, crime fighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles become everyone's favorite heroes in a half shell.

Rob Lowe is caught with an underage female.

Milli Vanilli becomes one of the top musical acts of the year and win a Grammy.

Pepsi thinks Madonna's Like a Prayer video is too controversial and pulls its commercial that uses the same music.

Batman tops the box office.

Roseanne rules the television world.

Cops infatuates the nation and becomes the first reality television hit.

Baywatch hits the air, titillating male audiences.

New Kids on the Block become the first real big boy band.

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