Ride 'em cowgirl

Ride em’ cowgirl! That’s the theme heading into Saturday Night’s Main Event in which 10 Divas and Vixens from SmackDown, RAW and ECW will participate in the first-ever Bull Riding Contest.

These bodacious bodied Divas and Vixens will compete to see how long they can ride and who can last the longest. It’s all about holding on tight, a thought that almost all male WWE fans would love to accomplish with any one of the participants.

All three brands will be represented by these lovely Divas. Women’s Champion Mickie James, Candice, Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Maria will represent RAW; Ashley, Jillian, Kristal and Michelle McCool will represent SmackDown; and Kelly Kelly will represent ECW.

While most of the Divas are eager to tame the bull and prove that they can stay on the longest, one Diva believes that she is above this competition-Women’s Champion Mickie James.

“I am not looking forward to it,” said Mickie. “I should not be in a bull riding contest. This is something for those other Divas. I should be defending my Women’s Championship in a high profile match so I can retain and forever and always be the Women’s Champion.”

While Mickie is indeed the Women’s Champion, the rest of the Divas will be looking to win this first ever competition and leave with bragging rights. Jillian is one such Diva who is looking forward to the contest.

“This is going to be very interesting,” said Jillian. “It’s an experience that I’ve never had, and I’m used to getting beat up a little so it might be fun.”

Believe it or not, trying to hang on to the bull will not be the hardest aspect of the competition for the Divas. Deciding which bikini to sport will be the main topic of concern.

“We can’t all have a cowgirl theme,” said Jillian. “We’ll see, it’s (her bikini) going to be a surprise.”

One thing is for sure, with these 10 Divas all in the same place at the same time, all eyes will be glued to the action. Who will emerge as the first-ever Bull Riding Champion? Tune in to Saturday Night’s Main Event to find out.

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