Will Carlito and Trish Get Stratusfaction?

Tension mounts both inside the ring and out between what could possibly be the four best heads of hair on RAW. Former Women's Champion Trish Stratus and former Intercontinental Champion Carlito are teaming up to take on current Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro and the extremely flexible Melina at Saturday Night's Main Event July 15 at 8/7 CT on NBC. WWE.com caught up with all four Superstars who had some pretty heated words about their opponents.

"You can tell that Carlito doesn't really care about himself," said Nitro. "He's out of shape, his personal hygiene is atrocious, his hair is all frazzled, he doesn't shave everyday, he's lazy. I think that's what they do in the Caribbean; they just sit in their hammocks and they don't really care about much."

"Is that what he said?" asked Carlito. "I guess he doesn't know anything about Caribbean people. Hollywood people are the dirtiest people around so I should be scared about getting in the ring with him."

The men weren't the only ones to exchange jabs. Trish Stratus responded to Melina's repeated protests that she represents the new era of the Divas and Stratus is just a name from the past.

"Well, I mean I can understand because she's got, hold on let me count for a second…oh, she's got no Women's Championships. And, well, she's tried to do some magazine stuff…Oh, she's got no covers either." Trish also said that she is more experienced and is counting on the fact that she's "been around the block" to beat her opponent.

But Melina thinks otherwise.

"Trish hasn't had any real competition in a long, long time," said Melina. "I can take her by surprise."

This heated back and forth is just the most recent in a rivalry that began back at Vengeance when Nitro pulled Carlito off Shelton Benjamin in order to secure the pin and the Intercontinental Championship for himself.

The next night on RAW, Trish was confronted by Melina who let her know she was taking over as RAW's top Diva and that Trish's reign was over. Stratus retaliated with her fists, but Nitro came to Melina's aid, and it looked like 2-on-1 might be too much for the former Women's Champion. Carlito rushed in to run off Melina and Nitro, and the Canadian-Caribbean connection was born.

The following week Nitro defended his championship against Carlito who was about to get the pin before Melina jumped. This caused Carlito to win by disqualification, allowing Nitro to keep the belt. This time it was Trish who came to Carlito's aid to make sure he wasn't out numbered.

The Divas faced off on this week's Monday night RAW and went at it like they were out for blood. Trish was about to hit Melina with some Stratusfaction, but Nitro caused a distraction ringside allowing Melina to get a roll-up pin for the win. Carlito ran out before Melina and Nitro could double team Trish. Instead, she and her cool tag team partner doled out double beatings and double drop kicks on their opponents.

It all comes to a head at Saturday Night's Main Event July 15 at 8/7 CT on NBC. As Trish Stratus put it, tune in to see, "a really Stratusfying and cool match."

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